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Two Worthy WordPress Corporate Website Themes

Do we still need network companies to build our corporate official website? Then it may be quoted for thousands or even tens of thousands. If you meet a small network company or personal service provider, you may directly find some free topics from the Internet to repair, modify, or other customers to give you a new look. In fact, there will be great risks at this time. For example, finding free themes for enterprise websites will pose copyright risks, and security upgrades are not guaranteed, and the cost is relatively high.

Here, Lao Zuo recommends two WordPress corporate website themes worth getting started. Of course, these two themes are business themes. We can get started directly with the theme for only a few hundred yuan, and then we will have an independent copyright and continue to upgrade the official website for free. We only need to find an employee who can deploy the website to build it, without looking for an internet company.

1. Module topic (recommended)

 Module Topic

Module theme adopts new modular development. The home page modules can be visually dragged and freely combined, and can be customized to build enterprise websites applicable to different industries. At the same time, the theme fully supports WPML multi language switching, which can easily build a foreign trade website. The module has a self-developed WordPress theme visual editor. By using the visual editor, users can easily and quickly build their own pages with simple drag and drop settings, and 10+styles can be imported with one click.

2. MOK Theme

 Two Worthy WordPress Corporate Website Themes - Page 2

MOK theme, from ThemeBetter's corporate website theme. Authorize a domain name. Home page customization, consultation form, multi language (Chinese and English), one click color change, full site SEO, multi category template, Baidu inclusion, applicable to various enterprise websites, vertical stations, industry stations, etc., flat design, multi device support, side bar follow-up, and unlimited list loading.

The above two themes are more suitable for the official website of the enterprise, and the first theme is more suitable for me and I have the qualification to start authorization.

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