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Common sense accumulation - sorting out the concept of server cabinet size

For general webmasters, we choose more virtual hosts, cloud servers, or even independent server vendors directly, but most people use cloud servers almost the same, and general projects do not use other higher-level host products. However, if we do cloud server hosting, or the company's business needs to be directly put on the server cabinet, you must know something about the server cabinet, or you also need to know.

For example, when we select a server cabinet, we will surely see what the so-called 1U, 2U, 42U and other concepts mean? Today, let's take a look at Server cabinet size The size concept of, and how many hardware servers can be placed inside.

First, initial understanding

For example, we see the concept of 1U, 2U and 3U. What does U mean? What does the preceding number represent? U (abbreviation of unit) is a unit that represents the external dimensions of the combined rack.

1U=4.45cm; 2U=8.9cm; 3U=4.45cm * 3; 4U=4.45cm * 4

In fact, we can see that most servers are divided into 1U, 2U and 4U. Now the popular servers in the market are 1U and 2U. Which is the best? In fact, there is no best product, only the most suitable product. Each product has its own characteristics. As long as we fully understand the product and our own needs, we can easily choose the most suitable machine.

Second, the concept of conventional 42U cabinet

42U cabinet is a kind of standard cabinet. The u in the name represents the external dimensions of the server, and is also the abbreviation of unit. The detailed dimensions are determined by the Electronic Industry Association of America. The panels of standard equipment in 42U standard cabinets are generally manufactured according to the specifications of n u.

 Common sense accumulation - sorting out the concept of server cabinet size

The search results come from the Weakness Industry Network. The 42U is a server cabinet that is 2m high, 0.6m wide and 0.8m deep, or 2m wide, 0.6m wide and 0.96m deep.

If we want to put servers, 42U standard cabinet can put 18 sets of 20 servers. Of course, it also needs to reserve cooling space. Here we introduce the general cabinet dimensions and 42U standard server cabinet dimensions. In fact, we can also customize cabinets with different widths and depths according to the user's business needs.


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