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InMotionHosting Product Overview of American Virtual Space Merchants and Suggestions for Selection

InMotionHosting, A company founded in 2001 Foreign host space On. It seems that the name is relatively long. In fact, such a name is not particularly friendly to Chinese consumers, and it may need to be copied to remember it. However, in foreign countries, such a long word is not a problem, and there are longer web addresses that are difficult to remember. InMotionHosting vendors mainly provide Linux system virtual hosting products, which is often referred to as PHP hosts.

The host products provided by InMotionHosting include VPS, virtual host, independent host, etc. At present, there are two data centers in Washington and Los Angeles. There was a choice before Foreign trade host I have heard about this product sometimes, and the years of the merchants are also a little long. We may choose BlueHost Just host and other businesses are mainly because there are too many overseas host businesses. Most of the time, they use it mainly because of the recommendation of domestic host evaluation websites or the recommendation of netizens in the circle. They rarely explore new businesses.

However, due to the reduction of foreign host space demand, everyone began to transform cloud servers. This mainly depends on the ability of our Chinese consumers. One reason is that appearance hosts are strict with copycat copyright content, the other reason is that website construction has begun to favor independent servers or VPS hosts, and the third reason is that websites are really difficult to do, and they have begun to transform other platforms to obtain traffic.

First InMotionHosting host scheme introduction

InMotionHosting businesses we currently see provide virtual hosting VPS、 Independent servers and WordPress dedicated hosts are basically similar to other overseas hosts we have introduced and seen.

 InMotionHosting host scheme introduction

Laozuo personally suggested that if you need a foreign trade virtual host, you can try it. If you need an independent server VPS host. Personally, I suggest we have other better ones VPS host After all, these are not the businesses we often use.

Second InMotionHosting after-sales and service problems

InMotionHosting merchants, like general overseas hosting vendors, use work order services. If we need services, we need to submit work orders. The virtual host we choose is a Linux system, which uses cPanel management. That's what we often say Foreign php host Generally, we seldom see ASP host space overseas, because the demand is small and the cost is high, which requires copyright system fees.

InMotionHosting vendors are similar to overseas hosting vendors. If we are not satisfied with the purchase, we can apply for a refund. The general refund period is 30 days. We need to determine the time first. If we are not familiar with these overseas host companies, we should try to choose familiar mass merchants.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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