Gong Suoxin's Jade Love, Happiness and Happiness are often in Tuoyuan

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Luo Qingchuan, the heir of the antique shop, ran into a mysterious forest in order to chase a picture of a beautiful woman in clean clothes that was blown away by the wind at the engagement ceremony. The moment she got the picture, she was empty footed, fell into the time-space tunnel and crossed the Qing Dynasty. I ran into the prince who was in a high position but was afraid of falling from the high position every day, the cynical and disaster prone eight elder brother, and the moody The fourth elder brother, who didn't trust anyone, caused her emotional dispute with several elder brothers and started a wonderful journey in the Qing Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, Qingchuan learned a lot of truth, cherished everything she owned, and learned to tolerate others and despise gains and losses. And she also found true love after experiencing all kinds of hardships and spent her life with it. What this play wants to tell you is to cherish. People always have and lose things. Since they can't last forever, they should hold on to it, even for a moment. This play focuses on the return of kinship, brothers fighting, concubines fighting. In the end, what they lose gets, gets and loses. A modern girl makes them understand how to cherish, but it's too late to cherish again, This play can not only focus on men's play or women's play, but also on women's play. During the reign of Kangxi, the female leader witnessed the change of brothers from strong kinship to a break for imperial power. At the same time, it also tells the cruel and desperate growth of teenagers love There are youth, growth, a little love, friendship, kinship, scheming, trickery, suspense, murder, pain, tears, warmth, happiness, precipitation, and finally meditation and tranquility.

Gong Suoxinyu mainly passed through a modern girl Luo Qingchuan to the Qing Dynasty, experiencing the ancient life , telling people to cherish what they have and not regret it until it is lost. The story is simple and fresh. Although it is a cross cutting theme of the current trend, it has an allegorical educational significance, including the positive passages of cherishing, winning without pride, losing without despair, filial piety, wisdom, and life tips, I hope the audience can understand a lot of truth while watching. Luo Qingchuan, a girl from the Department of Archaeology, witnessed Su Jinliang, her father Luo Yifan's younger martial sister, disappear into the garden when she was young. When she grew up, she was obsessed with solving the mystery. When cleaning the Qing Dynasty King's Cemetery, she accidentally saw the treasure box that Su Jinliang held in his hand and was going to hide it for research. Unwilling to be discovered, Qingchuan opened the treasure box in the emergency and went through the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty to become the bed warming mother of the prince. Qingchuan skillfully enters the spring to escape from the devil's grip, and does not want to be seen through by his daughter. At the time of entanglement, Yin Si, the eighth elder brother, comes to the rescue, and Qingchuan is able to escape. Eight elder brother is ambitious and heroic. She fell in love with Qingchuan at first sight, but Qingchuan only wants to return to modern times. After a series of failures, she finally decided to stay in the Qing Dynasty. But the eighth elder brother was not her choice. The rich historical knowledge told her that only following the fourth elder brother of Yongzheng in the future was the way out.

So she tried her best to walk into the palace, narrowly escaped death several times, but was appreciated by Kangxi because of her rich modern knowledge. At the same time, she also met Yin Zhen, the fourth elder brother whom she admired for a long time, and made many troubles to seduce him joke However, the palace was not as beautiful as she imagined. For the sake of the throne and the competition for favor, it was staged all day long; The golden branch desires evil” The only thing Qingchuan can trust is Su Yan, the maid who lives in the same room. Su Yan was originally a beggar who was saved by the fourth elder brother. She was sent to the deep palace to be the prince's agent. Su Yan was sincere to the fourth elder brother, but again and again became the tool of the fourth elder brother. Until the prince was abolished, the fourth elder brother fell in love with her, and the fourth elder brother still regarded her as a chess piece, It was given to Brother 14. Qingchuan saw everything and was very sad about the cruelty of Brother 4. At that time, she found that Brother 8's mother, Concubine, was actually Su Jinliang, who had passed through that year. Jinliang wanted to go back to modern times and was busy studying all day. Kangxi regarded him as a monster and lived alone in the cold palace. Qingchuan often went to see her and had many contacts with Brother 8. Finally, he was moved by his crazy Qing and married him, He also decided to change history at all costs and support him to be the emperor.

Jinliang's persuasion was useless and he was very worried. At this time, the experiment he studied back was successful. Jinliang decided to take Qingchuan back to modern times. Qingchuan refused to leave and gave the opportunity to the plain saying that life is not worth dying. Jin Lianghe and Suyan disappeared, and Qingchuan stayed to continue the struggle. Her aggressiveness ignited the ambition of the fourth elder brother who had originally supported the crown prince but did not want to fight for the throne. History slowly moved forward along the right track. After several struggles, Kangxi died, the fourth elder brother ascended the throne, and the eighth elder brother was demoted. When Qingchuan faced the fourth elder brother who became Yongzheng, he knew that he still loved him deeply, However, he still loves himself deeply. Yongzheng tells Qingchuan that only a determined and cruel person can be the emperor and make people happy in the world. Qingchuan agrees with him, but she can't be with him. She chooses to accompany eight elder brothers to be imprisoned. Yongzheng is very angry and strengthens the control over eight elder brothers. Qingchuan decides to go back to modern times in order to make eight elder brothers have a good life.

At this time, Brother 14, who was in great pain because he had left, came to see her. She told him the secret of his journey. Brother 14 accompanied Qingchuan to perform a good play, which made Yongzheng mistakenly think that she was dead. In his anger, Yongzheng crushed the body of fake Qingchuan, but could not shake all love in his heart. He searched all capable people and strange people to try to return to the past, He believed that they had a chance to do it again. After returning to modern times, Qingchuan knew more about cherishing everything they had, and learned to forgive others and ignore gains and losses. While studying Yongzheng's history, she took care of her sick father. On the street by chance, she met a modern man who looked exactly like Brother Ba, and the love story was staged again. Su Yan has gradually adapted to modern times, but modern people's material desires make her very unaccustomed. She suddenly misses the tenderness and love of Brother 14, and regrets coming to modern times. One afternoon, she was doing embroidery in the folk custom garden. A familiar sound of footsteps sounded. She looked up and saw the face of Brother 14, love, and life began to reincarnate again.

The end: Brother Ba crossed from the Qing Dynasty to modern times to find his true love in Qingchuan. When Brother Ba appeared in modern metropolis in clean clothes, he seemed out of place and attracted many passers-by. However, he ran to the antique shop in Qingchuan regardless of everything; Love of Feng Mi” Finally, the fruit is right.

This play, through a girl called Luo Qingchuan, goes through the Qing Dynasty and has emotional disputes with several elder brothers. It tells about the good wishes of modern people to yearn for true feelings and call for true feelings, and clearly shows the audience what we should pursue and yearn for in the increasingly fast-paced life?

Qingchuan crossed to the Qing Dynasty and met the prince who was in a high position but was afraid to come down from the high position every day. This made her understand that high places are very cold and ordinary people are true. Then she met the cynical eight elder brothers and found that the reason why he always made trouble was to attract his father's attention. As a single child, Qingchuan, who was so loved, felt that it was actually happiness, It's also good for my mother to nag, as well as the moody fourth brother. He doesn't seem to believe anyone, but the result is that when he is willing to believe, others believe him. In the Qing Dynasty, many people made Qingchuan understand a lot of truth after 1990. She found that people must have goals, no matter what they do, as long as they work hard, they never demand, The ups and downs of life is a natural law, and no one can change it, so no matter whether you are in a high position or low position, you should behave with a certain attitude.