Zblog plug-in

  •  Visitor counter plug-in
    A statistical plug-in to record the number of visitors, which displays the number of visitors and the number of articles published today at the end of the front page, with independent switch control
    nine thousand six hundred and twenty-nine 2 years ago (2022-02-11)
  •  Body custom keyword article list plug-in
    This is a plugin that calls the article list through keywords or tags. It supports setting independent keywords or tags for each article, and calls all article titles containing this keyword/tag name in the whole site to display on the page. Each tagged article list displays 10 articles by default, and the number of calls is modified on the plugin setting page. The tone of the tag article list follows the pure theme setting, with its own day and night switching, adaptive mobile terminal. The plug-in has the following function options: List Type [User defined Keyword]: Fill in User defined Keyword Method to Match [Whole Site] Article Column
    eight thousand seven hundred and twelve 2 years ago (2022-01-08)
  •  Zblog ad slot
    Customize the advertising code on the computer and mobile terminals, and insert advertising space in the theme freely without modifying the theme source code. Theme exchange group: ZBlog China (491920017)
    eight thousand six hundred and ninety-nine 2 years ago (2021-12-26)
  •  Article Jump Custom Link Plug in
    Add an automatic jump link for the specified article or page. When you visit the article or page, it will automatically jump to the set link page. If it is left blank, it will not jump. You can use it by enabling the plug-in. 2021-12-23 Release V1.0
    eight thousand and forty-seven 2 years ago (2021-12-23)
  •  ZBlog Universal Video Plug in
    A general video plug-in, which supports uploading MP4 or third-party video sharing codes and adapts to the mobile terminal. This function is included in some themes of Tuoyuan, so it is unnecessary to use this plug-in. When the theme with this function switches to other themes, the plug-in will seamlessly connect videos. Plug in front-end effect: Plug in back-end effect: Release V1.0 on October 16, 2021
    seven thousand seven hundred and thirty-four 2 years ago (2021-10-16)
  •  Website Sentry plug-in [content protection] - sentinel
    A plug-in that restricts content selection and copying, and prevents right clicking/debugging
    seven thousand three hundred and forty-seven 2 years ago (2021-06-22)
  •  Zblog Read more [View full text] plug-in
    It is a reading more plug-in that supports two styles. It can customize colors, independently control articles and single pages, and is suitable for zblog blogs with long text content. Some topics of Tuoyuan have integrated this function. Plug in front-end effect: Plug in back-end effect: 2022-02-18 update V
    eight thousand five hundred and sixty-six 3 years ago (2021-02-18)
  •  Zblog audio MP3 player plug-in
    A web audio player that supports uploading MP3 or third-party MP3 external link addresses. Tuoyuan Pure Theme and Tuoyuan Couple Theme come with this audio player, so you don't need to use this plug-in anymore. When you use the audio uploaded from these two themes, the plug-in will seamlessly connect the audio when you switch to other themes. Plug in front-end effect: Plug in back-end effect: 2022-02-27 Update V1.1 - fix the misplacement of play buttons in some themes; Release V1.0 on February 15, 2021
    six thousand five hundred and thirty-three 3 years ago (2021-02-15)
  •  Pattern unlocking plug-in
    Use the pattern to unlock access to the website, and support access to the whole site and designated categories or article passwords
    five thousand six hundred and forty-one 4 years ago (2020-03-21)
  •  Tuoyuan Click Prompt Plug in
    Click the page to display the user-defined prompt, which defaults to the socialist core values. You can customize the number of words displayed, which are separated by the vertical line |. Support text size, font, color, thickness and other settings. Effect demonstration: Plug in settings: 2021-03-08 Update V1.2 - Add the switch that clicking links does not prompt keywords, so that clicking links does not display keywords- Standardize plug-in function naming to remove unnecessary content; Update V1.1 on March 29, 2020 - Optimize the configuration page style and fix some bugs
    twelve thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven Six years ago (2017-12-13)
  •  Body label automatic inner link plug-in
    Description of text label auto inner link plug-in: 01 The plug-in can automatically detect the words in the existing tag list that appear in the article, and automatically add the link where the tag words are, and add the site link to facilitate SEO. 02. The plug-in can add a class attribute to the label and set the style by the theme CSS (such as bold font, border, etc.). 03. The plug-in can set the color for labels uniformly. 04. The plug-in can set the minimum word frequency, and automatically add links to the first N tags when detecting multiple identical tags in an article. 05....
    thirteen thousand five hundred and thirty-three Six years ago (2017-11-13)
  •  Tuoyuan Feedback Plug in Released!
    The role of opinion feedback in product development cannot be ignored. It is almost an indispensable user opinion collection portal in every excellent product, giving the product a large space for optimization, and improving the evolution efficiency of the product to a certain extent
    twelve thousand nine hundred and seventy-three 7 years ago (2017-05-10)
  •  ZBlogPHP domain name authorization plug-in - AllowURL
    Plug in name: Domain Name Authorization System Plug in Author: TOYEAN Plug in Language: PHP Applicable Version: Z-Blog 1.5 Release Date: 2016-09-29 Update Date: 2017-03-01 Latest Version: V1.1 Release Address: https://www.toyean.com/post/allowurl.html Download address: You need to have a Tuoyuan account and can view or download the hidden content. Plug in interface (basic settings
    twenty-three thousand and fifty-eight 7 years ago (2016-09-29)
  •  Z Broadcom - A necessary tool for Zblog application developers
    On November 20, 2017, the original "Tuoyuan zblog Topic Assistant" was officially renamed as<Z Broadcom>, and the latest version was V1.4 updated on August 1, 2019. Following the release of "Tuoyuan zblog Topic Assistant v1.0" and "Tuoyuan zblogphp Topic Label Assistant V1.0", we released the common version of "Z Broadcom", which integrates zba and zbp into one software for the convenience of zblog topic developers. Of course, all this is free! This software has been redone
    twenty-one thousand three hundred and ninety-three 8 years ago (2015-12-16)
  •  ZBlog landing page Login UI plug-in download
    LoginUI, a plugin on the ZBlog landing page of Tuoyuan, was modified from the zblogdl plugin of @ Tuotu. LoginUI-V1.2 Click here to download
    twenty thousand seven hundred and sixty-seven Nine years ago (2015-05-10)