Common Computer Problems and Solutions

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From me computer From the day of, I knew that the world has become smaller because of it, and problems will follow. Here are some problems and solutions that I have encountered when I contacted computers.

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Taskbar loses volume Icon Solution for:
If you have ever deleted the startup item with software, and accidentally deleted the startup of the volume icon. In this case,“ Place the volume icon in the taskbar” When checked, the volume icon appears, but the volume icon does not recover after reboot. It must be reset in the control panel. (In this case, the network connection icon may also disappear.).
In this case, you only need to restore the deleted key from the startup key in the registry& ldquo; Start&rdquo& mdash;& mdash;& ldquo; Run” Enter regedit to open the registry, and then open HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run creates a new string "Systray" in its right window (right-click on Run to create a new string). The key value (double-click on Systray to edit it) is "c: windows system32 Systray. exe". If it is a win2000 system, it is "c: winnt system32 Systray. exe"

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Display desktop code:
Save as *. scf.

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Solution to failure to create toolbar (Quick Launch):
Start - Run - ie4uinit.exe

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Method to remove CMD prohibition:
Open the registry and cancel CMD
HKEY_ CURRENT_ USER Software Policies Microsoft Windows System Delete DisableCMD or change its value from 1 to 0

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How to display text in taskbar time:
Click Start - Settings - Control Panel - Region and Language
Option ------ Customize ------ Time ------ Add two tts before H: mm: ss in the time format (T), that is, ttH: mm: ss. If you want your name to appear after the time, you can type tt after H: mm: sstt.
Then fill in your name in AM symbol (M):, and also fill in your name in PM symbol (P):.

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To solve the problem of no new text document in the new menu:
1. Reg command (for WINDOWS XP)

Start Run, enter reg delete hkcu software microsoft windows currentversion policies system/v disableregistrytools/f and click OK.

2. Use. inf file (applicable to all WINDOWS)

Create a new text document, change the extension to. inf, and paste the following code in the text document:

Right click the file and click Install.

3. Group Policy (applicable to WINDOWS 2000/XP_PRO)

Click [Start] - [Run], and enter“ in the dialog box; gpedit.msc”, Click OK to open the group policy, navigate to User Configuration - Management Template - System, and double-click“ Disable Registry Editing Tool” One line, select [Not Configured] or [Disabled], and click [OK].

4. Use other registry editing tools (applicable to all WINDOWS)

Disabling editing the registry can only disable Windows' own registry editor, Regedit, while there is no restriction on other registry editing tools. More practical registry editing tools include Registry Workshop, Respondent Registrar, and Reg Organizer. Use these tools to open the registry and find HKEY_ CURRENT_ USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies System, delete the value“ DisableRegistryTools” OK.

5. Log in as another user for modification (applicable to WINDOWS 2000/XP)

This method is troublesome, just for reference. For example, if the current user is not an Administrator, log off the current user and log in using the Administrator account. Run regedit to open the registry editor. In the Registry Editor, click HKEY_ Users root key, and then select [Load Configuration Unit] under the [File] menu to open the“ C: Documents and Settings username NTUSER DAT” File, and then click [Start] to pop up the dialog window, and enter a name in the [Item Name] box. At HKEY_ A sub item named after the item name entered just now will be added under USERS. Find Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies System in it and delete the value“ DisableRegistryTools”。 After modification, select the previous sub item, and then select Uninstall Hive under the File menu.

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How to hide folders:
First: Create a new folder. We create a new folder on the desktop.
Second: Rename it as blank. This blank is the result of renaming, but let's do it,
This does not make it blank, so you can only use the shortcut key ALT+160. When using shortcut keys, press ALT with the left hand,
With your right hand, press 160 on the numeric keypad on the right, and then you can.
Third: Change the icon. Find the properties of the folder, customize, and find blank icons.
Fourth: Successful hiding.
There are many ways to hide folders. For other ways, please visit: How to create a space folder or file

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How to turn off Windows security alerts:
The function of Windows Update is to automatically download system updates from the official website. Some friends' office software is pirated or green. After downloading the official patch, software errors will appear. Turn off Windows Update, There is a small red shield in the lower right corner. Although it looks like it has nothing to do with the poison bully firewall, it looks boring. A dialog box often pops up. Many friends ask how to turn off the small red shield

The method is as follows: Open“ Control Panel→ Management Tools→ Service”, Find the name“ Security Center” Double click the service to open attribute settings. Set the startup type to“ Disabled”, Then click“ in the service status; Stop” Button to stop the service. Finally, click OK to exit.

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Code of desktop.ini file:
IconArea_ Image=\autorun.inf\background.jpg
IconArea_ Text=0x00FF0000

Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved
Save the above code as a desktop.ini file and place it in the root directory of any drive letter. The names of the files and folders will become blue, and the monotonous white background will also become a background.jpg image.

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Registry key repaired by EXE associated file:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="\"%1\" %*"

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Repair IE (for example, the happy farm on campus cannot be opened)
Your browser Unable to operate normally script , which may be related to your browser being modified by other software. You can try to repair it as follows: 1 Click“ on Windows; Start” Menu, select“ Run”; 2. Enter“ in the input box; regsvr32 jscript.dll” (excluding double quotation marks), click OK; 3. Click“ on Windows again; Start” Menu, select“ Run”; 4. Enter“ in the input box; regsvr32 vbscript.dll” (excluding double quotation marks), click OK; Then exit IE and reenter IE, and it will be OK. It absolutely works

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To solve the problem that my computer cannot be opened by right clicking management:
This problem is caused by removing small arrows from desktop icons. The solution is as follows:

Click“ Start”, Enter“ in the search; regedit” Enter registry management, and then manually add the following two key values in the registry

 HKEY_ CLASSES_ ROOT lnkfile Create a new“ String value”, The name is IsShortcut
 HKEY_ CLASSES_ ROOT pipeline Create a new“ String value”, The name is IsShortcut

It should be solved after logging off or restarting!

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Solution to blue shading of desktop menu text:

1. Right click My Computer&mdash& mdash; Attributes&mdash& mdash; Advanced&mdash& mdash; Performance&mdash& mdash; Setting&mdash& mdash; vision Effect, select“ Use shadows for icon labels on the desktop&rdquo& mdash;& mdash; Application&mdash& mdash; determine.
2. Right click the blank space on the desktop and click“ Arrange icons”, Ensure that“ Lock the WEB project on the desktop” Not selected.
3. Right click the mouse in the blank area of the desktop -->‘ Attribute’ -->& lsquo; Desktop’ -->& lsquo; Custom Desktop’ -->& lsquo; WEB’--> Remove‘ Web Page’ Check the upper option -->click‘ OK’, be accomplished!