Solution for QQ only and no Internet access

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Many friends are asking me why my computer can only access QQ but cannot access the Internet. In fact, the problem is multifaceted. We know that any TCP/IP based application under Windows must access the network through the WinSock interface. Winsock provides a high-level data transmission programming interface unrelated to the underlying transmission protocol. In Windows system, WinSock interface is used to provide network access service based on TCP/IP protocol for applications. Since the file is damaged, you can't surf the web. But why can you chat with Tencent QQ? We know that communication on the Internet is based on TCP/IP protocol. TCP/IP protocol is divided into TCP and UDP. QQ uses UDP for communication, and the damage of Winsock does not affect the normal transmission of UDP. This is also the reason why we can not surf the web, but chat with QQ.

Recently, I found that many netizens can't browse the web but chat with QQ, and so on. Indeed, too many people asked. In order to solve your doubts, I collected some data and discussed with you how to eliminate this problem. (Pouring a cup of tea first) Of course, I just want to analyze the common faults with you. The specific situation needs to be analyzed. You can refer to several situations and take corresponding measures, hoping to help you.

1、 browser Connection option setting error

Solution: Set the Internet type correctly. If you are surfing the Internet through an agent service, please fill in the agent correctly The server IP address and port number of; If not, please do not check the "Through proxy server" option.

2. DNS server setting error

Solution: If the ISP provider assigns you a fixed IP address, please fill in the IP address and DNS server address provided by the ISP correctly; If the ISP provider assigns a dynamic IP address, it is unnecessary to fill in the DNS server address; Another possibility is that the DNS server of the ISP provider fails to perform the domain name correctly→ IP address conversion. At this time, you can enter the IP address of the website in the address bar of the browser to browse the web page.

3. Firewall setting error

Solution: If the firewall is improperly set, it may block the information exchange with the Internet, resulting in the failure of unable to browse the web page. We can modify the firewall settings. What, how to modify it? I don't need to say that. Well, let's just say that for friends who don't know something, just choose the default level and select "medium".

Case 2: ADSL can successfully log in but cannot browse the webpage

First, you should ping the DNS server address of the ISP to see if it can be pinged. If it can be pinged, most of the problems are software problems. If it can't be pinged, you should check the hardware device/line connection status and communication protocol (TCP/IP)

If you can ping, you can see information similar to the following:

Command: ping
Reply from bytes=32 time=3ms TTL=23
Reply from bytes=32 time=2ms TTL=23
Reply from bytes=32 time=3ms TTL=23
Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=23

If you cannot ping, the following information will appear:

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

1. If you have more than one computer, you can replace it with another computer. The replacement computer does not need to install any proxy server software or firewall, and only one network card is installed to directly connect with ADSLMODEM. After the ADSL dial-up software is correctly installed. Check whether it can browse normally. If it can, the fault is caused by the computer at the user end. If not, check whether the MODEM and the line are normal.

2. If you have only one computer, you can stop running all the proxy server software first, such as WINGATE, SYGATE, WINDOWS Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), etc., and log in directly to see whether the fault can be eliminated. If you stop running the proxy server software and troubleshoot, it can be sure that the problem is with the proxy server software.

3. Check the browser settings, especially IE settings. For example, the most common failure that causes the inability to browse the web page is that "Automatic Detection Settings" is selected in IE. Remember that this option should not be selected. If it is an IE5X version, click Tools ->INTRENET Options ->Connection ->LAN Settings to see this option. If this option is checked in the front, be sure to cancel it. The fault can be solved after canceling.

4. Check the property settings of the TCP/IP protocol, especially whether the DNS server settings are correct. It should be noted that different dial-up software sets different DNS locations Icon Some are set in the network of the control panel, and some are set in the connection profile attribute of the dial-up software (such as ENTERNET300). These three places must be set correctly.

5. Friends using Windows can prepare ADSL dial-up software and Windows system CD if they are confirmed to be correct after the above checks, and then delete the dial-up software first, and then delete all TCP/IP protocols in the control panel/network. Restart the computer, add TCP/IP protocols again, turn on the MODEM power supply, and reinstall the dial-up software. After testing, if the settings are correct, After reinstalling the dial-up software and TCP/IP, most of the problems can be solved.

6. Replace a browser software such as Netscape company NETSCAPE browser browsing test.

7. If the computer you connect to ADSLMODEM directly is equipped with two network cards, try to pick up the network card connected to the local area network first, leaving only the network card connected to ADSLMODEM. Then check whether the fault is eliminated. If the fault is eliminated, check the network and system resource configuration. In particular, check whether the network card conflicts with other devices (Windows users can check whether the device is normal in the control panel/system/device management)

8. The boot function of BOOTROM chip is enabled on your network card, and the network card has a PXE boot chip. It can be solved as follows:

① If the network card is integrated on the motherboard, or the online startup program is written into the BIOS, you can modify the boot order of the system from the BIOS settings, such as setting the hard disk to boot first, or disabling the network card from starting the system from the BIOS.

② If the network card is not integrated, you can unplug the boot chip on the network card or use the network card setup program to disable the BootROM boot function of the network card, and then press the "Shift+F10" key combination immediately when "PressShift-F10Configure..." appears after starting up the computer. After entering the menu, set Booterderrom to disable from line 4, Then press F4 to save and exit.

Situation 3: Shared Internet access cannot browse the web page

After using the Windows XP system machine as the proxy server, it is found that other computers in the LAN cannot browse the web page, but there is data flow, and QQ and other software can also be used. All machines in the network can also visit each other. The proxy server is a dual network card, which is set to "Other in the network" in the network configuration wizard computer Connect to the Internet through the local computer (connect to the LAN through the network card a). In the sharing attribute, set it to "Share to the network connection b" (that is, the second page, which is the network card b). The client computer is set to "Connect to the Internet through other computers in the network". The operating system is Windows98/2000/XP, which is connected through the exchange machine. The proxy server is connected to the switch with one indicator working normally (a and b network cards and broadband modem connections), but the indicator on the client is only on occasionally. When opening a web page, you can see "Opening ****** web page" in the status bar, but you can't see the web page for a long time, and the prompt "Web page cannot be displayed" will be displayed at the end.

Solution: There may be a problem with your network cable connection and DNS settings:

① Make a cascade cable to connect the network card a directly to the broadband ADSL.

② Set the IP address of other clients to,,, set the subnet mask to, set the gateway address of each client to, and set DNS as the DNS address of your ISP.

At the same time, you can also consider whether there is a conflict between the proxy server and the network card. Replacing PCI slots and removing peripherals that are not needed temporarily will also help solve the problem.

Common ADSL disconnection

Web pages cannot be opened, downloads are interrupted, or online video and audio streams are interrupted. These are the problems that many people who use ADSL to access the Internet will encounter. However, when you carefully check the status of ADSLMODEM, you will find that the dial-up login has been successful. So what's the problem?

1. The line is unstable

If the residence is too far from the telecommunications office (more than 5 kilometers), you can report to the telecommunications department. Ensure that the line connection is correct (different voice separators have different connection methods, please be sure to connect correctly according to the instructions). At the same time, ensure that the line communication quality is good without interference, and no other equipment that will cause line interference is connected, such as telephone extension, fax machine, etc. Check whether the junction box and crystal head have poor contact and whether they are wound together with other wires. If possible, it is better to use standard telephone lines, and it is better to use Category III, Category V or Category V twisted pair wires conforming to ITU International Telecommunication Union standards. The telephone lines are separated after entering the house. The first line uses the telephone and the first line uses the computer. If you want to install a telephone extension in your living room, you'd better choose a high-quality junction box. The PC is connected to the twisted pair cable attached to ADSLModem. (Note: The phone must not be placed next to the ADSL Modem, because the phone will automatically search the network every few minutes. At this time, the strong electromagnetic interference is enough to cause the ADSL Modem to cut off the current.)

2. Check your network card. If it is an ISA network card, it is better to replace it with a PCI network card, and select a network card with good quality. A network card that is too cheap may be the culprit. 10M or 10M/100M adaptive network card is available. In addition, the conflict caused by dual network cards is also worth noting. At this time, you should unplug the network card connected to the LAN or other computers, and use only the network card connected to ADSL to test the Internet. If the fault returns to normal, check whether the two network cards are in conflict.

3. ADSLModem or network card setting error

The most common is that the IP address of ADSLModem is set incorrectly, or the DNS server is set incorrectly. For ADSL virtual dialing users, IP addresses do not need to be set, but can be automatically allocated. TCP/IP gateway generally does not need to be set. In addition, if DNS is set correctly, if the operating system is Windows9x, type Winipcfg in the DOS window to obtain the DNS address, type ipconfig/renew in Windows2000/XP, or ask the local telecommunications department.

In addition, TCP/IP settings are most likely to cause the inability to browse web pages. For example, you can always browse normally without changing the settings. If you suddenly find that browsing is abnormal, you can try to delete the TCP/IP protocol and then add the TCP/IP protocol again.

4. ADSLModem synchronization exception

Check whether the connection between your phone line and ADSL is poor or there is a problem with the phone line. If the separator or ADSLModem is suspected to be broken, try to connect the external line directly to ADSLModem without using the separator. If it is determined that there is no problem with the separator, the connection between the separator and ADSLModem should not be too long. If it is too long, it is difficult to synchronize. If the above conditions are excluded, just restart ADSLModem to solve the synchronization problem.

5. Dialing software interference

There are two ways of ADSL access to the Internet: virtual dialing and leased line access. Nowadays, most personal users use the former. PPPOE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) virtual dial-up software has its own advantages and disadvantages. After many tests on different operating systems, if the operating system used is WindowsXP, it is recommended to use its own PPPOE dial-up software. There is less disconnection and the stability is relatively improved. If you use WindowsME or 9x, you can use the following virtual dialing software&mdash& mdash; EnterNet、WinPoET、R ASP PPoE。 Among them, EnterNet is a commonly used model, and EnterNet300 is applicable to Windows9x; EnterNet500 is applicable to Windows2000/XP. When you have a problem with one PPPOE dial-up software, you can uninstall the software and use another PPPOE dial-up software. Please be careful not to install multiple PPPOE software at the same time to avoid conflicts.

6. Other software conflicts

Uninstall the software that may cause the disconnection. Now it is found that some software, such as QQ2000b, will occasionally cause the disconnection of the Internet. The specific conditions under which the disconnection will occur need further testing. Many netizens found that the problem of disconnection was solved after uninstalling QQ, including users who use ordinary Modem163 dial-up Internet also used this method to solve the problem of disconnection. The author also received an email from a friend that said that the problem of disconnection was solved after uninstalling QQ. So if you have QQ, you can unload your OICQ first, and then try to access the Internet. When you find that there is disconnection when you open some software, and everything is normal when you close the software, try uninstalling the software.

seven Viruses Improper attack and firewall software settings

Although it is less likely to be attacked by hackers and viruses, it is also possible. If the virus destroys ADSL related components, the flow will also be cut off. It is recommended to install the "Skynet Firewall" or "Jinshan Internet Escort" network firewall, which can monitor the communication between your computer and the network in real time, and warn you of inexplicable network access methods, effectively reducing the risk of being attacked. If it can be determined that it has been damaged and attacked by viruses, and the flow is still cut off, it is necessary to check the installed firewall, proxy server software for sharing the Internet, Internet acceleration software, etc. After stopping the running of such software, it is necessary to test the Internet again to see whether the speed returns to normal.
When you delete your offline files and temporary Windows files, it will not only affect the Internet speed but also affect the identification of web pages.