Everyone likes Millet

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The beautiful, tall, dress up, rich, spoony with her boyfriend, and loyal to her friends. Almost all of them are positive and shiny words. It's not ordinary when you come out. You hook up Lu Tao and shout You are not allowed to take photos with other girls. I am your girlfriend! She is very cute and outspoken. She is much better than those who don't say what they want.


  The only thing that can only be said to be a failure, not a shortcoming, is Lu Tao.


  Don't want to comment more.


  Maybe the real man is a kind of animal who doesn't know satisfaction. perhaps love It's really a feeling. Maybe if you really don't like it, you don't care about anything, but if you like it, you are willing to do everything. But when I saw Lu Tao and Charlene kissing, I really felt that Milai was pitiful and Lu Tao was despicable.


  Sometimes I think, if it was me, how would I face it?


  It may be crazy. First, I was crazy, and then I transferred this crazy. The stereotypical plot is staged on TV. If you can smash it, you can smash it, even cry and shout. Anyway, your heart is broken. What should you do with your image. Then let the owner of the bar have a good time, and then mention this person to That bastard Instead.


  Or, be the kind of woman I admire very much. Just like in the forum Women need to know N One thing In that way, it is noble and self styled. When the person you love hurts you and then breaks up, smile and say As it happens, I also want to say so. Then stand up and walk forward step by step. The skirt is floating, and the delicate makeup has not changed at all.


  However, Millet is not.


  She said, I will wait for you, I will wait for you, you are not married, I will wait for you, you are married, I will wait for you now, I will wait for you later, I will wait for you forever, I will wait for you, I will wait for you, I will wait for you, I will wait for you, I will die for you


  She said, I have forgotten, I even forget what ice cream taste is, I never eat ice cream again.


  She said, I like doing all kinds of things for you, and I seem to have been waiting to do all kinds of things for you.


  When I said it, I looked calm.


  He didn't think of anything to say, which made him feel that he didn't cherish the idea that he loved him so much. Yang Xiaoyun will think so.


  I didn't say why I should do so much for him. Where can I find myself. It is Charlene who will think so.


  It's giving. Give unconditionally. Give unconditionally for love.


  Nothing, as long as you want, as long as I have, because I love you, so I am willing. I always think that when you think about love For what? Three words are meaningless at first. If Miley thinks the same way, then her love has become her own drama, even can be said to be a tragedy, a fraud. Since you love, you must give everything.


 “ a flying moth darts into the fire I suddenly thought of these four words.


  At last, she said, we have done everything we can. There is no regret. I will remember the days with you and the feelings. Everything is true, and there are many beautiful days. Goodbye.


  Look, even going away is fair and decent.


  If you are hurt and strong, you will not leave if you still love. If you give up, you will leave. Although it is true, I was seriously injured.


  Perhaps this is the most perfect ending of the story. Millai is also the most perfect Millai. But I thought, if there was another time, would Millet change.


  It is said that there is bound to be a failed relationship in life to teach us more things.


  What is the church? Teach what love is, how to express it without misunderstanding, and how to protect yourself.


  Protect yourself.


  This may be something Miley has never done. What would happen to her if everything happened again? I'm really curious.


  If the writer wants everything to continue to be perfect, Millai is still Millai. For love, she is still desperate to do her best.


  But we are not Millet, but we are in reality life


  Many people were also Millai at first. They were even more stupid than Millai. They were willing to do anything, ridiculous, stupid, whatever. The stronger your love for wine, the more likely you are to lose your head. No one is optimistic about him, no one is optimistic about love, he would rather hit his head and bleed than let go.


  What do you mean? You can't accept or release. You only know that I love him, and I want to pay my all.


  Until I found out that he didn't love me so much.


  Worse still, he doesn't love me.


  Worst of all, he doesn't love me.


  So I cried and hurt myself. I feel why my sincerity has not returned and why I met such a person who does not deserve him.


  Then, then continue. Until you find the next one.


  Learn to think of yourself first, learn not to give everything, learn to look back to see if there is a way forward when you go forward bravely. Having learned to doubt and suspect, I feel that I can't be stupid, and I will be enthusiastic when others don't love you enough. Learn to consider how far you can go.


  Such maturity, in fact, is also sad.


  I am sad because I am not the same person. If you can, how willing to talk about a simple and beautiful love, you love me, I love you, nothing changes, everything believes. However, the previous knife was too cruel and heavy, and I didn't want to be scarred again.


  And that person is even more innocent. Just like Milai's next boyfriend, who is not Lu Tao in fact, may have to bear the hurt from Lu Tao to Milai. It is really not a simple task to heal a tired and alert heart.


  No one is wrong. There is no one right or wrong in the bad truth. The old bastard A, It could be an asshole B The victims of may also be.


  Does everyone make one person sad, and also be hurt by one person.


  This is the conservation of energy in love, which also doomed us to be Mirai only once in our life.