Purchasing Guide

Application Purchase and Use Agreement

1. Before you purchase an app, you need to confirm whether it meets your needs. According to Article 25 of the Consumer Protection Law, the app is a digital product downloaded online and cannot be refunded once it is downloaded and installed after purchase.

2. You are responsible for complying with any applicable laws when using this app. If anyone infringes on the rights and interests of others or violates the law, we will bear all the consequences, and we will not bear any responsibility.

3. You are in Tuoyuan Network (hereinafter referred to as the station) and zblog The applications purchased by the application center are not bound to domain names. They can be used only by logging in to the Tuoyuan account in the application, but cannot be used in the station cluster system. If a large number of requests are made The server If it causes congestion and affects the use of other users, we will close your account.

4. An application can only be used for a single account. Without the consent of the website, it cannot be released, presented, resold, leased, pirated, etc., or we will permanently close your account and reserve the right to continue to investigate relevant responsibilities.

5. Unless otherwise specified, the purchased applications only include relevant use rights and free update services. The website or zblog application center does not provide additional customized modification or image processing services.

6. Our website reserves the right to change, restrict, freeze or terminate your use of certain content without notifying you and assuming no responsibility for you.

7. The application you purchased in this website or zblog application center is only the license of this application, and the ownership of this application still belongs to this website.

Purchasing Guide

1. Tuoyuan Channel: Please register your account and log in first, click the "Buy Now" button on the intended application details page to enter the order page, and follow the instructions.

2. Channel of zblog application center: register and log in to the application center, visit the intended application details page, click the "Purchase Application" button, and follow the instructions.

3. The station is open for a limited time Tuoyuan fan welfare For activities, you can get coupons every quarter and use them when placing orders on this website.

Download and Installation Guide

1. Tuoyuan.com channel: log in to the site and click the top navigation avatar to enter the user center, on the left“ Order management ”Download the application (zba format file) from the, and then go to the left side of the background of your website zblog theme Manage or plug-in unit Manage, upload the zba file and enable it.

2. Channel of zblog application center: log in to the background of your website zblog, find the purchased application in the "Application Center" - "My Application Warehouse" on the left, click the application title to enter the application details, and then "Get Application" installation.

3. Enter the Tuoyuan account in the theme setting in the upper right corner of the background and log in successfully to set various functions of the theme.  

4. In the "Detect Update" of the theme configuration page, if there is a new version, click the "Update Now" button to upgrade.

Other precautions

1. The Tuoyuannet application of this website and zblog application center needs to log in to the Tuoyuannet account inside the application for use.

2. If you can't install it in the background through your own website, the application size may exceed the default (2M) limit of zblog and php. Please refer to help Page.  

3. If the purchased application cannot be downloaded or updated normally, please contact us at any time Online Service  

4. Local settings may be overwritten when applying updates. Please export backup files on the theme configuration page before updating.