Custom revision

A customized website is a professional planning of layout and functions according to your specific requirements and characteristics of the website; Tailor the overall design, structure and layout of the website, and a professional designer will design a customized website for you to fully display the style of the enterprise and realize the enterprise Electronic Commerce Professional website with functional requirements. A customized website can make your website stand out from other websites of the same type.

Customization process:

1. First contact our Business Specialist  ;

2. We know your customization intention and page design style in advance, and negotiate the price according to your needs;

3. After confirmation, advance deposit (full payment below 500 yuan, half of full payment above 500 yuan), Alipay and WeChat payment are supported. If you need invoices (only corporate account payment is supported), please check Invoice Description  ;

4. We will start the development according to the final agreement. At the end of the progress, it will be placed on our test website for you to read and accept (the background is not provided by default). You can provide secondary modification suggestions during the acceptance process, and we will make small-scale detailed modifications according to your needs (see: Paid modification );

5. After the acceptance is confirmed, the balance will be paid (after the balance is paid, it means that you have no objection to the template's style, color, layout, etc., and our website has the right to charge a certain fee if the template needs to be modified later). We will theme Packed and sent to you online, the whole cooperation is completed;

6. The customized revisions provided by the website are all provided with after-sales services (installation and debugging, access exceptions, bug repair, etc.);

Most of our business comes from customers who have long-term cooperation. If you have intention of revision in the process of use, you can negotiate with us about the specific revision scheme.