Tuoyuan teaches you to learn Morse code

informal essay eight thousand four hundred and fifty-four 12 years ago (2011-11-20)

study Morse Code, just convert the code list& ldquo; Di” Sound represents a point,“ Da” Sound represents a horizontal line. Hear“ Di” Move right and hear“ Da” Move to the left. For example, if you hear“ Ticking”, It means that you will go to D once to the left and then twice to the right.

Modern communication equipment, the Internet, mobile phones and satellite phones have invaded our means of information. We rely too much on these things. But if one day you are unlucky to be exiled to a desert island or kidnapped, in case these things are useless, we still have Morse Code, Even if there is no electricity, text messages can be transmitted by lighting, tapping metal pipes and other sounds.

Remember this!! SOS (... ---...)

Morse code letter spacing?

For example, if I want to send TOYEAN, what should I use to separate the six letters?

Morse code does not only have two information expressions: dot and dash (short drop and long tap in telegrams), but also has interval. According to the length, the interval can also be divided into word interval, word interval and sentence interval. In addition, there is an original ultra short interval between dot and dash, which is a total of six ways to express information.

In Morse code, T is - (one stroke, which means "da" in the telegram), O is - - (three strokes, which means "da" in the telegram), and Y is --- (In the telegram, it means "Da Di Da Da"), E means "Da Di Da" (Di in the telegram), A is- (Tick in the telegram), N is - (Ta Di in the telegram).

For well-trained senders, strokes are generally three points long, the interval between strokes is one point long, the interval between characters is three points long, the interval between words is seven points long, and the interval between sentences can be longer. This obviously requires strict training, otherwise the sender's hand will tremble and the interval time will not be controlled accurately, which will lead to misunderstanding of the receiver. When a novice learns, he is allowed to exaggerate the interval time. Anyway, the receiver can judge what the interval is according to the relative length of the interval time, which is nothing more than sending slowly. Therefore, everyone uses different methods to send messages. According to the interval time, you can know whether you are skilled or not, and even judge who is sending.

Therefore, the standard technique is to make three more clicks after making three more clicks.