Billing Instructions

Invoicing nature:

customized theme We can provide you with VAT paper tickets, which are legal and valid and can be used as reimbursement by the company.

Invoicing description:

If the amount is more than 100 yuan, a paper VAT paper invoice can be issued for you, with a tax rate of 5%. Please contact Online Service

bank account: 0200001009010014424

Payee: Beijing Tuoyuan Innovation Technology Co., Ltd company

Bank of deposit: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Beijing Dongsi South Sub branch

Notes for invoicing:

1. The invoiced amount cannot be higher than the order amount.

2. The invoicing content we can provide you is: technology promotion services computer System services, basic software services, application software services (excluding medical software), software development, product design, packaging and decoration design, arts and crafts design, computer graphic design and production, enterprise planning, advertising design and production.

3. The individual account number is transferred to the company to issue the individual title, and the enterprise account number is transferred to the company to issue the enterprise title. Invoices cannot be issued without the company.

4. The original ticket needs to be sent back for ticket change.