• Support PHP 5.2 - 7.4

    Support mysql, PostgreSQL, SQLite database

    One click download of application center themes and plug-ins

    Support online installation, online update and verification

     Download PHP
  • Unify all account system of Z-blog website

    Support GitHub and QQ login

    Support mobile phone binding

    Open two-step verification and single token system

     Z-blog user center
  • Support access + MSSQL dual database

    Can achieve static, pseudo static, dynamic page

    New default theme and background UI

    Create a new application center

     Download 2.2 prism

The latest Z-blog ASP and PHP applications:

For more applications, please visit "Application Center"

[PHP] Whitepage super simple and fast theme
[PHP] Default theme
[PHP] Tuoyuan pure theme
[PHP] ZBlogIt
[PHP] Background colorator
[PHP] Token logger
[PHP] Application Center client
[PHP] Gravatar head