Installation Instructions and Use Help

theme Abnormal installation:

In the installation theme or plug-in unit If it fails (no application can be seen after uploading), first check whether the installed zba file is larger than 2MB. If it is larger than 2MB( zblog And the default value of the virtual host), you need to modify the following two locations, and set them to 10.

Topic enabling exception:

When the theme is enabled, if“ Unauthorized applications ”、“ Illegal authorization ”Or“ You are not logged in to the application center client ”When prompted, it indicates that the application Tuoyuan Network To purchase (this prompt will be displayed when enabling apps purchased through channels other than ZBlog Application Center), you need to deactivate the "Application Center" plug-in in the "Plug in Management" on the left side of the background of your website. After returning to theme management, you can normally enable it. After enabling the theme, you can open the "Application Center" plug-in again.

Topic configuration exception:

B2C theme V2.4 core major update, old users need to clear the original configuration before normal use, please backup the useful configuration information before clearing the configuration.

If the topic prompts "There are exceptions in the topic configuration, please refer to the help page for specific methods", please refer to the following steps.

Configuration clearing method: after overwriting and installing the new version theme, enter B2C theme configuration and save the configuration information saveconfig.png Set it to OFF and save it. Switch to any theme and then switch back.

Subject error:

  • (8) E_NOTICE: Undefined variable: articles (set_error_handler) error
    Please check whether the classification template is bound incorrectly. Generally, the classification template is bound to the catalog or imglist, and the article template under the classification is single.

  • Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
    1. This error is reported on the category or label page. Please check whether the category and label templates are bound to other templates. Category or label templates are generally bound to catalog or imglist. For article templates under category or label, select single.
    2. This error is reported on the home page. Please check the setting of ID filling in the theme setting to see if it is not filled in as required or if it is filled in with a non-existent category/article ID.
    3. None of the above methods has been solved. Please go to the "Website Settings" - "Global Settings" - "Debugging Mode" submission in the upper right corner of the background, return to the error reporting page and refresh, and send a screenshot to contact us to troubleshoot and solve the problem for you.

  • (8)E_NOTICE : Use of undefined constant OPENSSL_RAW_DATA
    Enter the plug-in management on the left side of the background, and deactivate the application center plug-in to enable the theme.

  • Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 134217736 bytes)
    1. Basic Theme Settings - Thumbnail Settings, turn off the "New Thumbnail" switch and save it;
    2. Basic Topic Settings - Article Archiving Settings. Turn off the "Auto Cache Archiving" switch and save it;
    3. If the error is still reported after the above problems are eliminated, keep the system's own plug-ins in plug-in management, and then close other plug-ins one by one;

Reasons why the list does not display article thumbnails or only displays default thumbnails:


Enter Theme Settings - Basic Settings - Thumbnail Settings:


  • To use the default thumbnail, please turn on the "Default without image" and "Display only with image" switches (the thumbnail in the article will be displayed when there is an image, and the default thumbnail in the upper settings will be displayed when there is no image);

  • To use random thumbnails, please turn on the "Random without image" and "Only display with image" switches (the thumbnails in the article will be displayed when there is an image, and the random thumbnails in the theme will be displayed when there is no image, and the random thumbnails are located in zb_users/theme/theme ID/include/thumb);

  • Only the thumbnail of the article is displayed. Just turn on the "Display only with pictures" switch (the thumbnail in the article is displayed when there is a picture, and it is not displayed when there is no picture);

  • If you do not need any thumbnails, please close them all (no thumbnails will be displayed in the list after closing);

Note: If the thumbnails in the article still cannot be displayed normally when the thumbnails are enabled, please check whether the image address in the article is at the end of the format (jpg/png/gif), and the anti-theft chain is not enabled for the pictures outside the station, or manually edit the thumbnails uploaded from the article.

Reason why the list does not display the article summary:


Enter Topic Settings - Basic Settings - List Summary Settings to set the number of summary words.

Note: If the number of words in the summary is set and the summary is still not displayed, please check whether the article is collected or there are multiple pictures at the beginning of the body (the summary can be generated manually), or whether the body content is directly copied from outside the site to the body, and the direct copy will have the original site's article format. It is recommended to copy to the txt text document first, and then copy and paste from the text document to the body, or click the "Plain Text Paste Mode" in the article editor before pasting.


Format of topic sharing code:

 <a href="#" class="share-icon icon-weibo"> micro-blog </a> <a href="#" class="share-icon icon-qq">QQ</a> <a href="#" class="share icon wechat">WeChat</a> <a href="#" class="share icon douban">Douban</a> <a href="#" class="share icon qzone">QQ space</a> <a href="#" class="share icon linkedin">LinkedIn</a> <a href="#" class="share icon Facebook">Facebook</a> <a href="#" class="share icon twitter">Twitter</a> <a href="#" class="share icon google">Google</a>

Code format of navigation user login drop-down menu:

 <a href="#">Personal homepage</a> <a href="#">My Order</a> <a href="#">My Favorites</a> <a href="#">My Points</a> <a href="#">My promotion</a> <a href="#">Account Settings</a>

Common typeface And font name specification:

Multiple fonts are separated by English commas. If the font name contains spaces, English quotation marks should be used, such as "microsoft yahei", "Microsoft Jhenghei"

When using another font for English and numbers, put the font in front of the Chinese font, such as Impact, "microsoft yahei"

Set several font names as a "backup" mechanism. If browser The first font is not supported, it will try the next font.

 Common Chinese fonts: Ping Fang: PingFang SC Tahoma: SimSun Bold: SimHei Microsoft Yahei: Microsoft YaHei Microsoft JhengHei New Tahoma: NSimSun FangSong KaiTi Official script: LiSu Youyuan Chinese Fine Black: STXihei Chinese Regular Script: STKaiti Chinese Tahoma: STSong Chinese Zhongsong: STZhongsong Chinese Song Dynasty style: STFangsong Founder Shuti: FZShuTi Founder Yao body: FZYaoti Chinese Caiyun: STCaiyun Chinese Amber: STHupo Chinese official script: STLiti Chinese Xingkai Chinese Xinwei: STXinwei Holly black: Hiragino Sans GB Lanting boldface: Lantinghei SC Common English fonts: Arial Helvetica Tahoma Verdana Impact Century Gothic sans-serif

Unable to receive email notification:

Since AliCloud virtual host permanently disables port 25 The server By default, ECS disables port 25 (you can apply for unsealing), which causes mail sending failure. Port 465 is recommended.

Or use the AliCloud mail server address: (port: 80).

Thank you for using Tuoyuan theme, we have been working hard!