A man who had worked abroad for 20 years was finally going home. The boss asked him: Do you want 20 years' salary or three pieces of advice?

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A man who had worked abroad for 20 years was finally going home. The boss asked him: Do you want 20 years' salary or three pieces of advice? The man said that I would go on the road tomorrow and give you the answer tomorrow morning, OK? The boss said yes. The man did not sleep that night. In the morning, he said to his boss: I want three pieces of advice. So the boss gave him three sentences.

1、 Don't try to find an impossible shortcut. There is no cheap thing in the world. Only being down-to-earth is the best way, no matter what you do.
2、 Don't be too curious about something that you know is not a good thing. You may die because of it.
3、 Don't make any decisions when you are impulsive, otherwise this decision may become a lifelong regret for you.

Then the boss gave the man some money and three pieces of bread, and told him that the biggest bread would not be eaten until he got home.

The man was on his way. After walking for several days, he ate half of the first bread. Not long after, he came across an intersection. He asked: Which is the nearest way to * *? Passerby A: Let's take the path. It's near. Passerby B: Take the main road. It's safe. He couldn't wait to meet his wife, so he took a path. After a short walk, he heard a passer-by saying that there was a mountain bandit nearby, so he remembered his boss's first advice: Don't try to find a shortcut. So he went back to the main road. After a few days of walking, he ate a part of the second bread and found a very cheap hotel to stay. He could not sleep when he heard a woman crying in the middle of the night. So he decided to go out and have a look. Then he thought of the second advice: Don't be too curious about things that are not good. So he went to sleep again. The next day when he set out, the shopkeeper said: Are you still alive?! He didn't understand, so he asked why. The shopkeeper said that he had a crazy daughter. When she got sick, she used crying to induce people to come out and kill her. You were the only guest who stayed last night. The man sighed: Ah

A few days later, when the second bread was finished, he was not far away from home. He became more excited. Shortly after dark, he went to his village. When he got home, he was just about to knock at the door, but he heard a man's voice in the room. He was so angry that he picked up a firewood cutter and prepared to rush into the house to kill the man. But then he thought of the third advice: Don't make any decisions when you are impulsive. Maybe this decision will make you regret for life. So he calmed down and sat outside for a night. The next morning he knocked on the door very early, and his wife was very happy to see him back. But he was very indifferent: who was that man? His wife smiled and said, "That's our son. I will..." Then he found that the young man was very similar to himself. When father and son met for the first time, they hugged each other and cried. After a moment of concern, the man took out the third piece of bread to share with his wife. After cutting it, he found that the salary of 20 years was all in it. So we should consider everything clearly, otherwise we will regret ourselves in the end!

Six abilities and nine means are necessary to achieve great things:

I Steady
1. Don't expose your feelings casually.
2. Don't tell everyone about your difficulties and experiences.
3. Think before asking for others' opinions, but don't talk first.
4. Don't nag your dissatisfaction at every opportunity.
5. Important decisions should be discussed as much as possible, and it is better to release them every other day.
6. Don't be nervous when speaking, nor when walking.

II careful
1. Always think about the cause and effect of the things that happen around you.
2. For the implementation problems that are not in place, we should explore their root causes.
3. Suggestions for improvement or optimization should be made for the usual working methods.
4. Develop the habit of being orderly and orderly in everything you do.
5. Frequently look for several defects or abuses that others cannot see.
6. I need to make up for the shortcomings anytime and anywhere.

III courage and resourcefulness
1. Don't use words that lack confidence
2. Don't always regret and easily overturn the decision.
3. Don't be indecisive when everyone is arguing.
4. When the overall atmosphere is low, you should be optimistic and sunny.
5. Do everything carefully, because someone is watching you.
6. When things are not going well, take a break and look for a new breakthrough. The end should be clean.

IV Magnanimity
1. Don't deliberately turn potential partners into rivals.
2. Don't haggle over others' minor mistakes.
3. Be generous in money, and learn the three methods (financial method, magic method and fearless method)
4. Do not have power arrogance and knowledge prejudice.
5. Any achievements and achievements should be shared with others.
6. When someone has to sacrifice or give, go ahead.

V: sincerity
1. Don't say what you can't do. Try to do what you say.
2. Don't always talk about empty slogans or slogans.
3. Take improvement measures against the "dishonesty" problem raised by customers.
4. Stop all "immoral" means.
5. Play smart, otherwise!
6. Calculate the credit cost of products or services, which is brand cost.

VI: to bear
1. When reviewing any fault, start from yourself or yourself.
2. After the event is completed, first review the fault, and then list the credit.
3. Recognition of mistakes starts from the superior, and performance starts from the subordinate
4. To start a plan, first define the rights and responsibilities clearly and allocate them properly.
5. Tell people or organizations who are "afraid of things" clearly.
6. Losses caused by the courage to assume responsibility, company Should bear

Nine Ways to Achieve Great Events
1. Dare to make decisions -- overcome the habit of hesitation
The biggest problem that many people fail to achieve anything is that they lack the means to dare to make decisions. They always look left and right, think ahead, and miss the best opportunity for success. Those who achieve great things dare to make major decisions when they see the possibility of success, so they get the first chance.

2. Challenge your weaknesses -- completely change your weaknesses
Everyone has weaknesses. Those who cannot achieve great things always stick to their weaknesses and will not change significantly in their life; People who can achieve great things are always good at cutting down on their own weaknesses to turn themselves into a person with super ability. A person who can't even correct his own defects can only be a loser!

3. Breaking through difficulties - to extract successful capital from failure
Life is always faced with challenges from various predicaments, and it can even be said that the predicaments are "gates of death". Ordinary people tremble in the face of difficulties, while those who achieve great things can turn difficulties into a powerful springboard for success.

4. Seize the opportunity -- good at choice and creation
Opportunity is the greatest wealth of life. Some people can easily waste opportunities, so every opportunity with great potential will slip away quietly. It is absolutely not allowed to slip away when major events are achieved, and they can jump on the opportunity.

5. Give play to your strengths -- do what you are best at
A person with extremely weak ability must be difficult to open up the life situation, and he must be the victim of a heavyweight player on the life stage; Great achievers are about giving full play to their talents and broadening the road to success step by step.

6. Adjust your mind -- never let your emotions hurt you
People with a negative attitude can't afford to pick life And heavy burden, because they can't face life setbacks one by one, while the achievers are concerned about high-speed mentality, even when there is no hope, they can see the light of success.

7. Take immediate action -- all talk and no action is useless
One action is worth a hundred thoughts. Some people are "giants of language and dwarfs of action", so they can't see more practical things happening to them; Great achievers implement their life plans by taking action every day.

8. Be good at communication -- skillfully use human resources
A person who does not know how to communicate will certainly promote the power of interpersonal relations. One of the characteristics of great achievers is that they are good at creating a successful situation by borrowing strength and heat, so that they can accomplish everything that is difficult to accomplish and realize their own life planning.

9. Re planning -- standing at a higher starting point
Life is a process, and success is also a process. If you are satisfied with small success, you will promote great success. Great achievers know the hard process from small to large, so after achieving small successes, they can continue to open the "sealed bag" of the next life.

It can be said that any means can lead to a result, but it is hard to say whether the result is the best. Those who achieve great things always choose the best means to achieve the most perfect results, which is not what ordinary people can do. So on the way to success, if you want to achieve great things, the first problem to be solved is: whether your means will have an immediate effect on your plan to promote success!