EPSON LQ-610K Print Format of Baiwang Tax Control Disk VAT Receipt

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Connect Epson LQ-610K stylus printer, Slide the left guide rail to 10 scale , insert the ticket paper and open the Baiwang tax control disk software.

Baiwang Tax Control (New Version) Print Settings

In the printer selection and margin setting window, select the printer: EPSON LQ-610K ESC/P2,

Left margin: - 180, top margin: - 50


Baiwang Tax Control (old version) Print Settings

Find the invoice management - print format design - invoice print format design in the left navigation, select to view the VAT regular invoice (or special invoice), and click the setting button to set the page margin:

Printer: EPSON LQ-610K ESC/P2,

Paper height: 140MM (default),

Left margin: - 130, top margin: - 7.

After repeated tests, the two-dimensional code of the ordinary ticket on the left will be printed missing from the left margin - 132, and the best value of the left margin is - 130.

 Baiwang Tax Control Panel Bill Printing - Page Margin Setting

Space golden tax printer margin setting

Software: VAT invoice tax control invoicing software (golden tax disk version)

Printer model: Epson LQ610KII needle printer (EPSON LQ-610KII)

Slide the left guide rail to 10 scale Insert the ticket paper, open the aerospace golden tax software, and set the following print margins.

 Space golden tax printer margin setting