Eight major viruses in history

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As summer approaches, do you think mosquitoes are becoming more and more tenacious? That is because the mosquitoes become more and more resistant to drugs after years of "war" with humans.

   computer This is also true in the world. Security vendors and Viruses Trojans have been fighting for so many years, and the "drug resistance" and "cunning" of viral trojans are becoming stronger and stronger. For example, just after the 3D version of Titanic was released, hackers put the virus trojan on the network with the help of“ love ”The user is lured into downloading by the coat of.

On April 26 Virus Day, the housekeeper team specially prepared a "virus family show" - either fashionable or personalized, to unveil the mystery of the virus world.

1987    The most punctual virus -- Christmas tree virus

The Christmas tree virus causes the computer system to display greetings at Christmas and a picture of the Christmas tree on the screen.  

 Christmas tree virus - Tuoyuan.com

  2003    Grey Pigeon, the virus that likes to spy on others

Ge Jun, the father of the grey dove, created a remote control trojan horse and named the software "grey dove" according to his nickname. It is very simple to manipulate the "grey dove", which makes it possible for a newcomer to simply become a hacker.
Computers infected with "Grey Pigeon" will be controlled as follows:
The camera is controlled (cool girls can't afford to be hurt in summer)
The keyboard is controlled (hackers know what to type on the keyboard, and online banking, QQ, and game account families express great pressure)
In a word, there are "doves" at home who can't afford to hurt

 Grey Pigeon - Tuoyuan.com, www.toyean.com
(The real body of the "grey dove")

2007   The Most Just Virus: Sex Terminator

It was found that all the love war movies that had been accumulated for several years suddenly disappeared, and the main culprit was the sex terminator. It will painstakingly search for files with suffix "mpg", "rmvb", "avi", "rm" in the computer, and automatically delete sensitive words once they are found.

 Sex Terminator - Tuoyuan.com, www.toyean.com

2007    The cutest virus: panda burning incense

Do you still remember the "Panda Burning Incense" that burned national treasures all over the city? The charmingly naive appearance is full of evil. After the computer is infected, all the programs inside will be tampered with as pandas Icon , and it will also download numerous number stealing trojans to try to steal online games and other accounts.

 Panda Burning Incense - Tuoyuan.com, www.toyean.com

Sketch map of panda burning incense (non actual infection effect)

2008    The most legendary virus: Conficker

   Conficker Worm virus mainly uses Microsoft MS08-067 vulnerability spreads and can also be infected by any hardware device with USB interface.

The Conficker worm once grounded French naval aircraft, infected British naval submarine computers, and even the British Parliament network system was doomed. Microsoft offered a reward of 250000 dollars to arrest Conficker virus spreaders, which shows the great harm.


 Conficker Tuoyuan.com
(Conficker global infection distribution map, red indicates infection)

2010     The most bizarre virus: ghost

After the virus runs successfully, almost no exception can be found in the computer. Even if you format and reinstall the system, you will not be able to completely remove the virus. Like a "ghost", "haunted". With the continuous evolution of ghosts, it is more and more difficult to remove them. The latest ghost virus may even infect the BIOS program built in the computer motherboard.

2010 The most aggressive virus: super factory

The super factory virus is known as the most advanced computer virus in history, and is famous for attacking the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran.

The target of super factories is an important target all over the world (such as core industries such as automobile and electricity). Many people are speculating that Stuxnet was developed by Israel or the United States. The latest news says that Israeli agents planted USB with Stuxnet virus into Iran's nuclear facilities.

 Super factory - Tuoyuan.com

2011     The most artistic virus: Sola

The "Sola" virus will infect various documents (such as DOC and JPG) in the user's computer, making them all become EXE files. Death Q&A will be activated when the cumulative number of virus runs exceeds 50. If the user fails to answer, the computer will not start.

 Death Q&A - Tuoyuan.com, www.toyean.com