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informal essay five thousand and sixteen 13 years ago (2011-03-22)

Everyone will complain when working and working, why others are not as hard as I am, but don't think about it. Others can't do what you do, but you can't do what others do.

therefore company A person can only be measured by performance, by how much you have done, by the importance of things, and by the size of contributions.

The opportunities are equal, but some people seize them and others miss them. Don't think about why people don't answer your phone call, and that person answered the phone call. Obviously, people use their brains to make phone calls, while you use your mouth to make phone calls.

Some things are skills, hard work and dedication. If you want to see others, you can only see their advantages and learn from what you don't have.

Whether it's opportunity, luck or hard work, in short, no matter how much you dislike your colleagues, partners, leaders or rivals, you should learn their advantages.

Although I admit, it's very difficult to learn from someone you think is stupid. No way, it has nothing to do with tolerance. This is it. life , survival.

If you don't learn, you can only stop growing.

An obvious example is that when I first arrived at the company, all the work was in a state of chaos. I spent 12 hours every day doing 8 hours of work that can be done. There may be many times that I can't do well.

But one of my leaders told me that reasonable arrangement of working hours is the most direct and effective way.

After that, when I went to work every morning, the first thing I did was to sort the work of the day by weight and deal with it one by one. Although I can't get off work on time now, I have never delayed the important things.

This is growth.

Remember the experience given to you by others. Even if you don't like this person, you should study calmly.