What is love?

informal essay twelve thousand one hundred and thirteen 13 years ago (2011-04-08)

To all my friends
Whether married or unmarried

This is a good article.
If you don't have time to savor it, please settle your heart when you have time,
Look carefully.

There are really not many good articles


Singles are not necessarily aristocrats.
Being single may be more free,
But freedom also has a synonym, called loneliness.

Because people don't always like being alone;
Sometimes good things need to be shared,
Sometimes it takes comfort to be sad.
The reason for the emergence of single nobility is that
Economic independence, personal independence and emotional independence.
What is independence?
Independence is need rather than dependence,
An independent person needs the opposite sex, but does not depend on the opposite sex.

Before being a lover, she should be a friend.
After she became your friend, she appeared in your life Li,
It is possible to know you, understand you and know your strengths
They will have a good impression on you, further develop their feelings, and become lovers and objects.
There are not only white and black colors in the world,
There is a long grey zone between black and white.
As long as we get along with each other more, we can find the advantages of each other and have a good impression,
This is the natural process of developing feelings.

It's unrealistic to fall in love at first sight and love from the beginning to the end,
What we need is not such unrealistic and illusory feelings.
Some people describe that they associate with the opposite sex,
It's like picking up stones at the seaside. Everyone will pick up the one they like.
Once you find a favorite stone, take it home,
Treat it well, because it is your only stone.
And remember, never go to the seaside again.
Always believe,
I have found the largest, most beautiful and most suitable one for me.

The most important thing in dealing with the opposite sex is not how good he is,
It's how good he is to you.
If a person has good conditions, he will get 100 points,
But out of this hundred points, he only gives you three or four tenths, or one or two tenths;
On the contrary, another person may only have seven or eight tenths,
But he treats you wholeheartedly,
Which one should you choose?
In fact, everyone's conditions are the same.
No matter how good you are, there is someone better than you.

Although you can't be the best person,
But you can do the best for each other.
Every boy can say:
Although I am not the best man in the world, I am the best man for you in the world.
In turn, girls are the same. Everyone can do this.

The most important thing about feelings is how good they are to you,
Not how good he/she is.

But if one person is already good,
I really love you,
Then you can really entrust your life to him.

Now women consider the only condition of marriage,
It should be whether you love him, whether he loves you,
Are you sincere to you,
Will there be pressure and happiness with him,
Not what he has!

True love in the world is rare.
In one's life,
It's hard to find someone you really love and can live with forever.
If you are afraid of expression,
Or afraid of what might happen,
Missing the true love that may only be once in a lifetime,
That would be a pity,
Therefore, we must take the initiative and speak our minds.

If a boy
The girl looked down on her because she took the initiative against him,
Then this boy is not a boy, but an animal.
What's more, happiness is more important than face,
If you sacrifice a moment of face, you can get a lifetime of happiness,
It's worth it. Be brave enough to speak your mind,
Don't hide your heart.

Don't say fate hasn't come yet. In fact, fate is everywhere,
But it is fleeting. If we don't grasp the fate in time,
Then there will be no [share].
Most women prefer emotion to spirit,
Men are materialistic.
In addition to being attentive and considerate to girls, boys,
We should also learn to be responsible for girls,
We should be attentive to all girls in the world,
All for a girl.

In addition,
Tough Mona can't please girls,
Therefore, we should learn to sweet talk to girls and speak good words more often.

It is easy to maintain a relaxed and happy relationship for a long time!
It is not easy to maintain a difficult and painful relationship for a long time,
This is the time to choose.
We are all ordinary people,
To be ordinary and happy and happy love
For all feelings, the process is far more important than the result.
Why? Because all feelings are fruitless.
What is the result? Get married?
Do you live a happy life after marriage?
It can be seen that we do not evaluate its value by the result of emotion.
Emotion is not valued by the length of time.

As far as feelings are concerned, everything that has happened exists,
Everything that exists has value.
Every section, minute and second of feelings in the world
They are all worth cherishing.
Marriage is the biggest gamble in life.
In this infinite time,
We have to show each other the ugliest side.

Marriage is different from love:
Love can take two hours to dress up,
Be energetic and attentive to each other, and complete the task easily.
But marriage can't maintain a high state at any time.
So marriage is a big bet,
It requires thorough preparation, thorough plan and full confidence,
Then you can bet it, even if it is like this, you may lose.
So if you know yourself before you bet
Not willing, not loving him, not wanting to live with him forever,
Then this bet is doomed to lose.
Marry for any reason other than love.

Valuable feelings
It's not about what you can get from each other,
On the one hand, it is a feeling of being depended on and needed.

Someone depends on me, needs me,
I will be satisfied.

In the face of feelings, we should adopt the three no policies:

First, don't hurry: don't hurry to get married.
Although marriage is a wonderful thing, don't worry,
What should be yours is yours.

The second is not afraid: don't be afraid to pay.
We must work hard all our lives to maintain our relationship.

You can't [get] a good feeling,
You can only find one person you love,
To jointly manage, create and complete a beautiful relationship.
If you are not determined to be a good man, you will not get a good woman.
No bad man in the world has a good woman,
Bad men only have poor women;
Similarly, no bad woman can have a good man.

Besides, there is another one in the relationship
People who work together with us and want to do it well.

The partnership has a great chance of success,
The key is whether you are willing to work hard and pay.

The third is not to give up.
When you are hit, frustrated, hurt,
When you feel discouraged and disappointed,
There is one person who stands on your side unconditionally,
Support you, encourage you, comfort you,
Let you stand up and face the world again.
This power cannot be given to us by our parents no matter how close they are,
No matter how close friends are, they can't give it to us,
Only the beloved partner found in the journey of life,
Can be given to us.

In fact, love is the only and truly precious thing in life,
It is also the only thing that is really worth pursuing.

As long as you have a loved one,
You will have the driving force,
You can face the world.