The Method of Inserting Picture to Display Original Size in Word

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Sometimes, when we insert a picture in Word, the picture is not displayed in its original size, but is magnified to make the picture blurred. What is the reason and how to solve it?
In fact, this is caused by the resolution of the inserted image computer There are generally three image resolutions processed on: 72dpi, 96dpi, and 300dpi. The default image resolution in Word is 96dpi. If the resolution of the image you insert is not 96dpi, the image will deform. Here are two ways to solve this problem:
1、 Format Picture in Word
1. First check the resolution of the image you want to insert. Right click the image file - Properties in XP system and switch to the Summary tab. The horizontal resolution in the image properties is the resolution of the image; Or use Photoshop Open the image, click the image size in the image of the menu bar to see the resolution of the image.
2. Insert a picture into Word and right-click the picture→ Set the image format and switch to the "Size" tab in the pop-up window. Here we want to modify the percentage of height and width in the "Zoom" column. The setting method is as follows:
If the resolution of the image viewed in step 1 is not 96dpi, we need to use a formula to convert it to solve the problem of image display.
For example, for a 300dpi image, use the formula to calculate "300÷ 96=3.12", that is, 300dpi is 3.12 times of 96dpi. Then we can enter 312% in the "zoom" ratio, so that the image can be restored to its original size in Word. Similarly, for images with a resolution of 72dpi, the zoom ratio is 75%. (If the image resolution is 96dpi, the scaling ratio is 100%)