How much Tang Monk meat can you eat to live forever?

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There is a question on the Internet about Journey to the West: Does Tang Monk have to eat a whole meal before ever-young I think some goblins are going to eat together. It should be effective to eat one or two pieces. Why didn't Tang Monk cut two pieces of meat for the monster to eat? From this point of view, netizens listed a bunch of questions about Journey to the West. There is nothing to do at the weekend, try to answer:

1: Why is the monkey kept down by the Five Finger Mountain?
[Answer] Sun Wukong's teacher is Bodhi, a Taoist immortal. The Tathagata transformed five fingers into a five element mountain, pressed Sun Wukong with five basic elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, and pasted a six character mantra, which belongs to the prohibition of flowering on the bars of Taoism and Buddhism. When Sun Wukong tumbled in the palm of the Tathagata, the palm of the Tathagata looked no bigger than a lotus leaf, but he could not turn it out, which showed that the Tathagata changed more quickly than Sun Wukong. Therefore, when he is held down by the Five Fingers Mountain, it is impossible to try to change his shape and escape. The Tathagata changes faster than him. At the same time, the five element suppression plus the six character mantra seal also eliminated the possibility of any physical change. On second thought, Avalokitesvara is a disciple of the Tathagata. The gold hoop she designed made the Monkey King unable to escape. How could the Monkey King escape from the hands of the Tathagata?

2: Why was he invincible when he made havoc in the Heavenly Palace, but he sent rescuers again and again when he learned scriptures?
[Answer] This question is easy to answer. Because he was a terrorist when the Tiangong Temple was in trouble. By the time he learned, he had become an official. Terrorists will always be more capable than officials, just as the CIA cannot catch Osama bin Laden. You can also refer to Song Jiang. When he was reorganized as the commander of the 108th group army of the Song government army, he lost his soldiers and generals when he attacked Fang La. But before that, when he attacked the government troops of the Song Dynasty, he was invincible. When attacking the armed forces in other places, the losses were also slight. This change is called institutionalization. Finally, understand Sun Wukong's personal career changes. Previously, he was a freelancer. But after following the advice of Guanyin, he became a staff member. When employees work, it is strange that they do not borrow the strength of other neighboring departments, but fight alone.

3: Why did the immortals not take out so many powerful magic weapons when they beat Brother Kong so badly and started to make trouble in the Heavenly Palace?
[Answer] You can consider that Tianting is a company , or some kind of organization. Then, all of them are in a state of intrigue. At the beginning, when the Monkey King did something, most people would take the posture of onlookers, because it was irrelevant. Moreover, their title and status should not allow them to do things themselves, but let professional security guards such as Tianbing Tianjiang go first to maintain order. In the next stage, when the commander of the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals also failed, everyone began to harbor the fear that if he failed to succeed, he might lose his original position, or even be demoted to a lower salary or even be sent to the distribution center. Therefore, we chose to preserve our strength and let the Monkey King become more and more fierce. When they realized that if the Monkey King really made too much trouble, he might even knock over the sky, and they might not have the interest to let themselves continue to work, then when faced with an unprecedented crisis, everyone accidentally united once, and all used their own strength.

4: Guanyin is a kind fairy, and Zhenyuan Daxian is also familiar with her. Why don't you know that Guanyin's water can save ginseng fruit trees?
[Answer] This view is totally wrong. In fact, in Journey to the West, there has always been a struggle between Buddhism and Taoism. The author likes Taoism far more than Buddhism, but reluctantly admits that Buddhism is more effective. So, let Buddhism win every time, but then satirize. For example, after the Tathagata subdued the Monkey King, the barefoot Immortal presented "two pears and several fire dates". The author then described: "The Tathagata thanked again, called A Nuo and Gaye, and put away all the things they offered to the Jade Emperor." Look at the four words "Put away one by one", and listen to the thunder in silence. How greedy is it? Therefore, Guanyin and Zhenyuan Daxian may know each other, but their friendship is not enough to require water. But Zhen Yuan Daxian is very smart and has political skills. He knew that water purification could save the ginseng fruit tree, but he did not speak, but continued to vent his anger to Tang Monk and his party. Why? Because I beat the dog to show the master. Comrade Guanyin, look at the subordinates of your department. Is that how they work for you? Is that how you do things? Therefore, Guanyin had no choice but to help Sun Wukong.

5: Is the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother and Empress Mother mother and son or husband and wife?
[Answer] It doesn't matter. They are innocent. The Queen Mother of the West appeared much earlier than the Jade Emperor in Chinese history. The Jade Emperor was the first brother in the heaven who was later invented by Taoists, turning the Queen Mother into the hostess of a Yaochi party. If their relationship is to be counted, it can be regarded as colleague relationship. However, the Queen Mother is more qualified, so the Jade Emperor will attend her Peach Blossom Meeting to celebrate her birthday. This is not tracheitis, but respect for old comrades.

6: Time is a problem. Monkey has been suppressed for 500 years. Is it 500 years in the sky or 500 years in the world? If it was 500 years in the sky, the monkey head made a big trouble in the Tiangong, and committed such a big mistake, then he was sentenced to 500 days?
[Answer] Please note that he is serving his sentence in human beings. The concept of 500 days can only be established unless the Monkey King is locked in a prison in the heaven. At this time, the Monkey King has been limited to various divine powers, and he suffers like a mortal. 500 years is 500 years. At the same time, don't forget that he is hungry and thirsty and can only eat copper and iron pills, which is the food standard in hell. Therefore, such punishment is no longer light. Besides, if it had been 500 years in the sky, the Tang Monk on the ground would have been able to fly to India. Why do you need the Monkey King?

7: Why doesn't Tang Monk believe Wukong's words every time and say that others are not goblins?
[Answer] The role of Tang Monk is just like this. It's not that he is kind-hearted, but that he faithfully executes the orders of leaders. When Guan Shiyin handed over Monkey King to him, he told him that he had historical problems and could not be trusted easily, so Tang Monk faithfully executed this order. He clearly knows that as the direct superior of Monkey King, it doesn't matter if he wrongs Monkey King for ten thousand times. The big deal is that Monkey King can resign and leave. Now the economy is so depressed, he has the guts to go out and look for a job himself. However, Tang Seng never dared to offend his immediate leader Guanshiyin, making her feel that she was not loyal enough.

8: What did Brother Monkey want to do in the East China Sea before? Why did he always say he was not good at water?
[Answer] You can't bear rheumatism for five years at the foot of the mountain? In fact, the thing is this: Monkey King used to read the water avoiding mantra when he went into the water. However, after being suppressed for five hundred years, no one talked for a long time, and he became a chatterbox, who would burst out at anyone. As a result, he could not always concentrate on reciting the formula for avoiding water. In addition, Comrade Sun Wukong also understood one truth in his long career: work must be done in front of leaders. Tang Monk couldn't go underwater, and he didn't have hot eyes. No matter how hard Sun Wukong fought underwater, Tang Monk couldn't see him anyway. If he can't see the performance, it will be zero, so he will ask Zhu Bajie and others to lure the enemy out of the water, and then perform to Tang Monk on land and in the air.

9: Who was the first to say that eating Tangseng meat can make you immortal?
[Answer] Since the ninety-nine eighty-one difficulty was used to test Tang Monk, it means that it is a well designed situation. So, who designed the bureau? Do you understand soon after thinking about it......

10: Immortals can naturally live forever. So why did the two boys of the Supreme Lord become the King of Golden Horn and the King of Silver Horn to catch Tang Monk's meat and eat it to live forever?
[Answer] The two boys of Laojun and the golden girl of Guanyin are not the same level. They have long provided housekeeping services for the Supreme Master. At best, they are only Filipino servants in the immortals, one level higher than the goblins, and they are not gods at all. If you want to become an immortal, please recall the "Three Disasters and Interests" that Sun Wukong's teacher, Bodhi, explained to him that year, which is the traditional Taoist saying. Either a man or a demon, after cultivating the Internal Alchemy, he may not become an immortal. He needs to escape the three disasters in the next 1500 years, Please open Page P23232 of Volume 1032 of the Immortals Quick Completion Manual (Advanced Textbook): "This is an extraordinary way to seize the nature of heaven and earth and invade the mystery of the sun and moon. After the pill is completed, ghosts and gods cannot tolerate it. Although it will help you live a long life, after five hundred years, a thunderstorm will strike you. You need to see the nature and mind and avoid in advance. If you can live a long life with the sky, you can't escape from it. Five hundred years later, a fire will burn you. This fire is not a natural fire, nor an ordinary fire. It is called a yin fire. It comes from itself It was burned under the spring cave and went straight through the mud wall palace. The five internal organs were ashen and the limbs were decayed. The thousand years of asceticism were all illusory. Five hundred years later, another wind and disaster will blow you. This wind is not southeast, northwest, north, south, north, north, or south. It is not the wind of flowers, willows, pines, and bamboos. It is called the wind of crows. Blow into the six fu organs from the fontanel, pass through the elixir field, and penetrate the nine orifices. The bones and flesh disappear, and the body knows how to understand, so it must all escape. "

11: Why can't Sun Monkey see the Pig Bajie changed from the Bull Demon King with his golden eyes?
[Answer] Please note that the Bull Demon King and the Monkey King were once sworn brothers. If the Bull Demon King is not as good as the Monkey King, how can everyone worship him? In addition, the reason why there is deformation is to resist the three disasters. The Bull Demon King is a high-level monster, which means that he has successfully resisted, so he can also turn his eyes against fire.

12: Is Monkey King in love with Tang Monk?
[Answer] No. It is Bai Longma who secretly loves Tang Monk. For Tang Monk's sake, he would not hesitate to become a woman to seduce the enemy in Chechi State. Sun Wukong has Stockholm Syndrome for Tang Monk, and Tang Monk is his unavoidable suffering, so he finally became a strong supporter of Tang Monk. This is not love, but the result of Tang Monk's long-term enslavement with the taunt curse and consumption.

13: Sun Wukong never went to school and read books. Why do so many people say, as the saying goes, that there are a lot of theories about books?
[Answer] Nonsense! Lingtai Fangcun Mountain, Xieyue Sanxing Cave. The Sanxing Cave in Fangcun Mountain is a first-class university with the largest library in the fairyland. How can we say that Monkey King did not go to school and read books? As for saying that he can speak a common saying, "Journey to the West" has long explained that he was also transported here at that time. Since he boarded the raft, the southeast wind has been tight for several days, and before he was sent to the northwest bank, it was the boundary of the southern part of the island. Holding a pole to test the water, I accidentally got shallow water, abandoned the raft and jumped onto the shore. There were people fishing, hunting wild geese, clams, and salt panning at the seaside. He approached and played a trick, making up a tiger, which scared those people to throw baskets and nets and run everywhere. Take one of those who can't run, peel off his clothes, and dress like others, waddle through the state and the government, and learn etiquette and words from others in the city. During the morning meal and night stay, I visited the sacred way of Buddha and immortals in my heart to find a way to live forever. This process is described in the book as eight or nine years. With Monkey King's savvy, why can't he learn the "saying" with his mouth full? Read carefully!

14: At the end of taking the scriptures, the two people who read the scriptures asked the monkeys for benefits, and the monk gave them the purple and gold bowl, which made them feel sad... Monkeys don't change so many things, why not give them the same?
[Answer] Because the change is nothing more than a cover up, but a monkey's hair in essence. If the Tathagata could not see it, how could he suppress the Monkey King? Sun Wukong would not move this idea at all, because he knew it would not work. This means that if you can make others obedient once, they won't have any evil thoughts in the future. Finally, why didn't Tang Monk give some meat to the goblins? Because he knew this was the rule of the game long ago, and he must not give what others want. Otherwise, why is he the leader of the Monkey King?