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WordPress anti spam comment plug-in: mini captcha

During the Mid Autumn Festival National Day, I didn't get online for a few days, but I landed after the festival Laozuo Blog I was shocked when I was in the background. There were many rubbish comments. I really admire the hard work of these friends. It's better to have a good rest than to have a little time. I really want to give you the National Day Labor Medal. It seems that a filtering function is needed to deal with these garbage comments. Of course, it can not be completely filtered, at least part of it can be filtered.

Find the WordPress comment prevention plug-in: mini-capatcha I used wp seccode before, but when I read the introduction, I said that MINI is the inheritance product of wp seccode. In addition, SECCODE could not be found in the official plug-in resources of WP, so we downloaded and installed MINI and found that it was really like the previous wp seccode.

The method of use is simple:

First step, Download mini capatcha Or our WP background searches for plug-ins and installs them online.

Step 2: At this time, we will see the plug-in verification code box displayed below the blog. But there is an English capatcha. We need to replace the Chinese one. Then go to the plug-in template and replace the characters. Now the effect of Laozuo is like this.

 WordPress anti spam comment plug-in: mini captcha - page 1

It should be a little effective. It's useless to send in groups. My manual review is very strict. Why don't you understand that time is so precious?

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