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One of the MAPn series tutorials: CentOS installation of MAPn one click installation package tutorial

After the National Day, lefty Continue to return to work after a complete rest. Also continue to share VPS host and other related information with you. Prepare to consolidate and improve the knowledge about Linux VPS in October, and then sort out the information about WIN VPS. Just as the VPS I tested expired at the end of the month, I will not renew it. Because after several months of testing, we can basically use our own VPS host to build a website. At least we can graduate.

Lao Zuo shared the one click installation package tutorial of LNMP and LLsmp before, and today he shared MAPn One click Installation Package Lao Zuo also likes it. MAPn It is an automatic compiler for the service environment of Linux (CentOS/RedHat/Debian/Ubuntu) system. We can selectively install three environments during installation.

1、Apache + MYSQL + PHP + Nginx (MAP+n);
2、Nginx + MYSQL + PHP (NMP);
3、Apache + MYSQL + PHP (AMP)

The specific installation tutorial is as follows (I'm going to install in the centos environment, so we must install CENTOS for VPS first):

Step 1: WGET downloads the latest official 3.1.1 special version


Step 2: unzip, enter the directory, and install:

tar zvxf ngro-mapn-3.1.1.tar.gz
cd ngro-mapn-3.1.1

During the installation process, we will default to the past. First, we will ask which country our server is located in. We can choose Asia or America or Europe or Oceania or Africa. I will default to the Americas. Then, we will press Enter by default all the way. Note that we need to enter the ROOT password of MySQL. The default MYSQL password is root. We can press Enter by default to install, and then change it later. We can also make changes here first, and we must remember clearly when making changes.

After installation, we can set up the site. The specific SSH commands needed to establish the site will be described in detail in the next article. I won't mention it here.

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