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Reasons for abandoning the WordPress Related Posts plug-in

When we use WordPress to build a website, we must show the relevant“ You may also like the following ". Lao Zuo used the" WordPress Related Posts "plug-in before. It was developed by Chinese people and has been used well. But I don't know when this plug-in has been resold. In recent days, I found that the website where the plug-in is installed has become very slow. We can see the need to load external links through the code." ". It is the loading of links that causes the speed to slow down. We will find these problems when we look at the source code.


If external links are loaded, the network speed may slow down (only local files are fast). Secondly, if plug-in authors cheat in calling files, as a sales website, embedding cookies will cause us great losses.

There is also an article on the WordPress official forum: I was suprised why my blog connect to cloudfront Some netizens also pointed out that there was such a link problem, because it was in the version a few months ago. Maybe it was because we visited the cloudfront website slowly recently that I found it. Even on the ninth floor, some netizens pointed out that there were hidden codes calling Google statistics at that time. It seems to have been removed.

Officially, it is to speed up file calls. In fact, according to the WP plug-in submission policy, all files should be placed locally. Local files should be the fastest. It is not necessary to call several CSS styles remotely. Lao Zuo asked Leng Yu to analyze the code yesterday. It should be the website that can get the plug-in, and whether cookies will be implanted. I hope some hacker friends will see this article and install the plug-in for research.

Lao Zuo wrote this article without any other meaning. He only saw the problem of the WordPress Related Posts plug-in recently when he saw the slow loading of blog access. I still admire the boiled fish and the useful knowledge brought by his blog (at present, this plug-in has been resold to others).

From now on, Lao Zuo has given up using the WordPress Related Posts plug-in, and instead used no plug-in to call related content.

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