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How to solve the problem of account locked in newly registered DigitalOcean account

Most overseas VPS service providers have no restrictions on their account accounts. At most, they can purchase without restrictions only by activating their account via email. Some VPS service providers, such as Linode Vultr、 DigitalOcean Merchants, because of the bonus of free balance for new registered accounts, often many of our smart friends will register more accounts through various methods, and then get the initial free account balance to save costs.

 How to solve the problem of account locked in newly registered DigitalOcean account

In the end, merchants will ask us to submit personal information, including ID card, credit card and other account information to verify the authenticity, which can solve the problem of account abuse registration to a certain extent. Therefore, when you register an account similar to DigitalOcean, even if you have not registered multiple accounts before, it may be due to some judgment factor in the system that you also need to verify. In the morning, a netizen who had registered a DigitalOcean account directly logged in to the backend and could not open the VPS host, saw the prompt that the ACCCOUNT LOCKED account was locked.

How to solve it? Because Lao Zuo had opened an account before and didn't ask for verification, I helped this friend send a TK to ask what information he needed to submit. The answer we got was like this.

Thank for you the information you have provided thus far.
Please provide more complete and accurate information:
Name: (your full name)
Location: (your location, ex: Düzce, Turkey)
Phone: (your phone number)
Type of Traffic: (what you will use the servers for)
Links to Following: (a URL to a public profile, ie Facebook, LinkedIn, Github, Google+, Twitter etc)

Without this information we will need your ID to verify your account.
Please send us a photo of you holding your government-issued photo ID or passport to with this ticket's ID in the subject e.g. "Ticket #608800". We do this manual review process to ensure the safety and security of the platform for legitimate users, and to prevent cases of credit card fraud or identity theft.
Once you have sent that please let us know by replying to this ticket.
DigitalOcean Support

Lao Zuo got the official answer from the DO. There is a lot of English. Here I will sort out the data to be submitted and the points for attention below. If we encounter an account locked ACCOUNT LOCKED, we first submit a TK from the background SUPPORT link, and casually ask how or why my account is locked "WHY MY ACCOUNT LOCKED?", and then we get the above reply, because we need to get a TK ID account.

First, we send an email to

Second, the subject of the email is written directly above TK to obtain a large ID account, such as "Ticket # 608800", which means that we are the one who submitted TK to verify the account

Third, we need to submit:

A - Our full name

B - Our address, direct country and region can

C - Phone number

D - What do we do with VPS? FOR WEBSITES

E - Our social networking site account links, such as FB or TW, or GOOGLE+ GITHUB

F - Scan the scanned copy of our ID card

And, in the content, we need to inform our DO account user name.

After the submission, we will wait for their manual review. After the review, we can open VPS for various management.

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