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The whole process of newly registered DigitalOcean account and free $10 tips for new account

DigitalOcean As an emerging VPS host service provider, its product has been favored by official users in just a few years. On the one hand, it is more attractive for users to get a certain amount of free rewards (small favors) for new account registration. Previously, we could get $10/new account recharge for free by entering a regular discount code in the background for new registered accounts, Starting from this article (it is not clear whether this will be the case in the future), you do not need to enter a discount, and you can get a reward of $10 for your new account by directly registering a new account. You can use the VPS host for 2 months for free.

Lao Zuo has seen that many similar blogs have published information about DigitalOcean activities, but it is not clear enough, and some details are not illustrated. Lao Zuo sometimes does not update in time, but the details are still good, For example, you can know and determine how to obtain DigitalOcean benefits and tips and precautions for new accounts through the following detailed graphic introduction.

First, the official website of DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean official website:

Go to the official website of DO through Laozuo's recommendation, and then prepare to register account information.

 DigitalOcean newly registered account

On the home page of DigitalOcean, you can see an interface similar to the one above. Enter the email address and password of the account we need to register, and click CREATE ACCOUNT to register the account.

Second, activate email, recharge and verify account

After the account is created, you will receive an email to activate your mailbox. Sometimes you need to wait for a while. I will receive it immediately.

 DigitalOcean mail activation

After activating the email, we will see the following recharge interface.

 DigitalOcean recharge verification

For a newly registered account, we can see that $10 has been given as a gift at PROMO CODE (previously, you need to enter a discount code to see the gift), but the account is not available at present, and we need to bind a credit card or PAYPAL to recharge. Here, the old left choice is to recharge PAYPAL, and the minimum recharge can be $5.

Third, the check amount after the verification of DigitalOcean

 DigitalOcean account amount

We can see that the $10 gift plus the $5 I recharged total $15. The basic VPS host scheme can take two months. Therefore, those who need to register a new account for DigitalOcean should not miss this opportunity.

By the way, the account management of DigitalOcean is relatively strict. If there is a need to speculate and want to register multiple accounts, you'd better be cautious to avoid causing all accounts to be locked. Lao Zuo wrote before DigitalOcean San Francisco and Singapore The evaluation of the data center can be read if necessary.

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