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DigitalOcean account setting Droplet Limit limit quantity and account amount period

The day before yesterday, DigitalOcean The TOS policy has been modified, mainly for the period of balance after using the DigitalOcean coupon. For example, we enjoyed a lot of $100 account balance when we used the GITHUB student promotion activity last October. Even though many accounts were checked out and closed, there were still a lot of accounts.

Besides, including Laozuo, there should be many friends who have $100 accounts, but none of them are used. Maybe they hope to use them later. In view of this, DigitalOcean has modified the policy information this time.

5.8 As of March 6, 2015, redemption of promotional credit is limited to 12 months from the date of issue (unless otherwise stated), at which time the credit will expire. Upon redemption, promotional credit expires after 12 months unless otherwise defined in the terms of the promotion. For instances where promotional credit was issued or redeemed prior to March 6, 2015, that credit will expire on March 6, 2016.

5.9 Only one promotional code is permitted per customer, and may be redeemed only by “new users,” defined as users who are within 30 days of launching their first Droplet.

DigitalOcean adds and modifies these two items in the TOS policy, that is, the rewards received after using coupons need to be used up in 12 months, and if they are not used up, they will become invalid. It seems a bit like learning VULTR. In addition, each account can only use the coupon once in the future, and only new accounts can enjoy the coupon, and the machine needs to be opened within 30 days.

PS: Lao Zuo also consulted the DO official and asked about the expiration of our previous account. According to the official answer, our account in October also expired on March 6, 2016 because the policy was revised on March 3.6.

Therefore, we have seen a lot of posts in groups, forums, and resale DO accounts these days, and no users who have not yet opened their accounts have also started to use them. Because of the large balance of accounts, one machine may still be used up by users, and we can open multiple accounts. But some friends found that they could not open multiple machines because Droplet Limit Due to our recharge amount and randomness, some limit 1 machine, and some limit 5 or 10 machines.

 DigitalOcean account setting Droplet Limit limit quantity and account amount period

We can see in the setting that there is a limit on the number of machines. I originally limited the number of machines to only one. Now, after applying, three machines can be opened. If we need to add more machines, we can click.

 DigitalOcean account setting Droplet Limit limit quantity and account amount period

In the form, we fill in the personal information, the number of units that can be opened, and give a reason. I write that multiple independent IP websites need to be opened, so different machines are needed. Generally, it can be recovered and completed within 20 minutes.

In this way, we can open more DigitalOcean machines and consume the existing balance.

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