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Comparison - Which VPS host Linode VS DigitalOcean is more suitable for us?

Whether we are choosing a domain name or a host, we will compare different businesses, such as price, service, cost performance, reputation, and so on, and then make our own judgment to purchase selectively. For VPS hosts, there are many vendors to choose from. Sometimes, if we have not used these vendors' machines, it is difficult to draw a conclusion from external evaluations and advertised information.

Different businesses have different characteristics. For example, in this article, Lao Zuo will share my views on Linode and DigitalOcean The characteristics of the merchants are compared, because some users mentioned these problems and in some blog posts, and even prefer some merchants in terms of words. Lao Zuo has always respected and emphasized that different businesses have different product features. If it belongs to our choice, we should make a bold choice. Even if we don't know how the performance is, we may try it. Even if we are lucky enough to choose the right one, we can use it. If we don't choose the right one, we will not renew it the next month. In the future, there will always be something suitable for us to change businesses.

First, brand comparison

Compared with brand merchants, Linode is famous earlier than DigitalOcean, and its users have more reception and time, Linode has always been crowned with the exemplary title of "Gao Fu Shuai" VPS host. With the market competition, because of the emergence of businesses such as DigitalOcean, both the product service and the cost performance ratio have been favored by users to a certain extent, so DigitalOcean has also developed rapidly in recent years.

Therefore, from the perspective of time, DigitalOcean may be later, but both of them have a large number of users in their current public praise and brands.

Second, product price comparison

For the prices of both products, the following data will be used first.

 Price comparison of Linode scheme

Linode VPS partial price reference


Comparison of DigitalOcean price schemes

We can see from the comparison of the above two icon price schemes that, The Linode scheme starts from 1GB, with a prepayment of $10, while the DigitalOcean scheme starts from 512MB, with a monthly payment of $5. The price is still the same.

Third VPS speed and machine room selection

At present, both DigitalOcean and Linode have multiple machine rooms. For example, the former has New York, San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore. For users who choose Laozuo, they suggest to choose San Francisco. Compared with the speed of domestic access, Singapore's current line optimization is not enough. Those that bypass Japan do not have the same performance as Linode's direct connection.

Linode has 6 data centers in Japan, Vermont, Newark, London, etc., especially in Japan and Vermont, because it has better speed.

Fourth VPS host panel management comparison

Linode and DigitalOcean both use their own management panels. Relatively speaking, they have their own characteristics and ease of use, and both use hourly billing. In this way, if we use them for several days, or even do not need to use them, we can delete the machine at any time, so that the balance can be directly recorded for future use. In addition, we can switch the data center at will to change the IP address, DigitalOcean also provides free backup services. We can backup VPS and transfer data at any time.

Introduction to the background panel of DigitalOcean and the launching of the real demonstration of DigitalOcean VPS

Linode Novice Tutorial New VPS, Installation and Startup System, Account Email and Password Modification

Linode can only pay by credit card at present, DigitalOcean can pay by credit card or PAYPAL.

Fifth, preferential information

at present linode And DigitalOcean For newly registered accounts, there is a special offer of 10 dollars.

The whole process of newly registered DigitalOcean account and free $10 tips for new account

$10 balance discount code and tips for new Linode account

It is recommended that we not be greedy to register multiple accounts, because all our accounts will be deleted after being approved, so we need to make good use of resources. Most of the problems are caused by our own fault. Don't say that the business is wrong.

In a word, different products have different characteristics and different user groups. In many cases, Linode and DigitalOcean still have many similarities. You can choose by yourself according to our needs. At present, there are rewards and gifts. Each of them has a try. If one really suits us, you can use it in the future.

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