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HawkHost Hawk Host 2014 Summer School Season Virtual Host 40% Off

If there are users who set up personal blogs/websites, they should Hawk host It is relatively clear that the four virtual host schemes provided are suitable for different levels of user groups. The virtual host product is also a good choice for those who don't like the hassle and want to stabilize the site building environment. If you need to buy BASIC at ordinary times, the annual payment is about 156 yuan. At present, it is just the promotion activity in the beginning of the school season. You can pay 40% off for any virtual host, with a minimum of 97 yuan.


First, 40% discount for any virtual host

Discount code: launch

Discount description: Any new virtual host can enjoy a 40% discount, which can be purchased for up to one year and cannot be used for renewal

Second, a 40% discount for the Reseller host

Discount code: relalaunch

Preferential description: Any new Reseller distribution host can enjoy a 40% discount, which cannot be used for renewal. For those who need to build a distribution host as a small personal IDC, they can still choose.

Third, 50% discount for VPS host

Discount code: vplaunch

Discount description: Any new VPS host can enjoy a 50% discount and cannot be used for renewal.

Fourth, 30% discount for servers

Discount code: sdlaunch

Discount description: Any newly purchased server host can enjoy a 70% discount and cannot be used for renewal.

Fifth, 7.95/newly registered domain names

Discount code: domlaunch

Offer description: newly registered. com,. net,. org domain name is 7.95 dollars/piece.

The above activities from HAWKHOST official blog activities are from September 2 to September 5, but the activities are still ongoing. If you need a virtual host, you can choose. The Hawk host is relatively loose. For example, it is allowed to build adult website content. At present, the San Jose data center has been replaced by the Los Angeles data center.

More questions about the Eagle host can be found on the official website of the Eagle host: HawkHost. Com

The specific activity deadline is unknown. If necessary, the virtual host, domain name and activity intensity are still very good.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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