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The difference between HawkHost host vendor Cloud Compute and Virtual Private Servers

The day before yesterday, a netizen wanted to choose an American VPS host for building foreign trade websites, among which he was ready to choose HawkHost The VPS host of the merchant also knows that after purchase, the pagoda panel will be installed to build the WEB environment, so I feel that he must not be mistaken about whether to choose a virtual host. After all, we also know that HawkHost hosts are mostly chosen or used by virtual hosts.

Here, he has a problem in choosing HawkHost There are two similar VPS hosts of merchants, Cloud Compute and Virtual Private Servers. We can see that the configurations and prices of the two packages are the same.

We can see that the configurations of the two packages are the same, starting at $5 per month, 1GB of memory, and 30GB of SSD. 1TB monthly traffic with full management authority. What's the difference between these two?

In fact, Lao Zuo has seen their products for a long time. The previous products were launched as Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and later Cloud Compute VM was launched. At the beginning, the latter had fewer data centers, but now they are the same. Similar to our virtual hosts, there were traditional virtual hosts at the beginning, but now only cloud virtual hosts have been canceled.

In a word, Cloud Compute is a new product. Lao Zuo suggested that if you need to choose their VPS hosts, you should directly choose the new Cloud Compute product series. The new one has new reasons. Although I haven't found any distinguishing documents, from the text, it should mean that many host companies are now changing to cloud service architecture.

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