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HawkHost: Half price discount for the sixth anniversary of the Los Angeles computer room

Most of our webmasters certainly do not default to virtual hosting. In the early days, virtual hosting was rampant HawkHost Hawk hosts support Alipay payment earlier and provide cost-effective virtual hosts. In addition, special promotions will be launched on major festivals such as Black Friday and Internet Monday every year. It's just that in recent years, everyone has transformed to play ECS, and the demand for virtual hosts has decreased.

however, HawkHost businesses have always insisted on their own operations, mainly relying on virtual hosts, although there are also new cloud servers. This time, the merchants celebrated the sixth anniversary of the launch of the Los Angeles computer room and released a 50% discount on virtual host, semi virtual host and distribution host for promotional activities. For those who need a virtual host in Los Angeles, America, it is worth choosing. For example, the basic 10GB unlimited number of virtual hosts is 35 dollars after two years' discount, which is still available for foreign trade virtual hosts.

 HawkHost: Half price discount for the sixth anniversary of the Los Angeles computer room

We can see that the virtual host is about $1.5 a month after the event discount.

First, Eagle host activity information

Official website of Hawk host www. HawkHost.Com (The activity has started: as of September 9)

The activity ends on September 9, and this activity is only limited to virtual hosts (discount code: laxannervary), semi virtual hosts (discount code: sdlaxannervary), and distribution hosts (discount code: rlaxannervary).

Second, discount and purchase method

 HawkHost Hawk Host Los Angeles Machine Room Sixth Anniversary Virtual Host Half Price Discount - Page 2

Here, Lao Zuo chooses Los Angeles as the simple test virtual host, and we usually choose Los Angeles. Although there are also computer rooms in Hong Kong and Singapore, the speed is generally not directly connected, so it is generally not selected. Then we can automatically see the half price discount, or we can enter the discount code to activate. Two years of 35 dollars virtual host, is it really cheap?

In a word, Hawk hosts are worth choosing for users who need foreign trade and virtual hosts.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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