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HawkHost Hawk host discount code and tutorial novice and foreign trade website building host

HawkHost is Laozuo's favorite primary webmaster must have overseas host products, because among other host products I introduced, every move is an unlimited host solution, but for our new webmasters, it is simply a waste, and there is no need to spend so much money to buy it. Or we only have 3-5 blogs/websites. Buying other hosts of this size is basically a waste. Of course, many new webmasters have no money to buy them. Is there an overseas host that is stable and cheap? HawkHost uses its logo as the eagle logo, so we all like to call it the eagle host.


Official website of Eagle host: www. HawkHost. Com [The latest discount code: Hawkhost50]

There are two host schemes (Primary and Professional) for the Hawk host. The lowest primary scheme is 10G space. Professional does not limit the size of the hard disk. It does not limit the number of sites and databases. The annual payment scheme using a discount code of 6.5% is at least 195 yuan, and the average two-year payment scheme is about 149 yuan a year. So for our novice webmaster, price and cost performance are the most appropriate. Among domestic host manufacturers, it also costs about 1-200 yuan a year to buy a 1G or so host, and the stability is certainly not as good as that of overseas host manufacturers. The most important thing is that the Hawk host also supports Alipay Payment. Look through the previous logs and sort them out Several reasons for choosing HawkHost host

 Hawk host

According to our own needs, for novice friends, the primary of the 10G scheme is enough for us to use. Moreover, the Hawk host has another advantage, that is, it helps us automatically backup data every day. Even if our data is lost, we can recover the data within a week by ourselves through the background. Although this is also available in other host companies, others can only be obtained by contacting the official. The Hawk host only needs to be extracted from the background. So we are not afraid of data loss, even without backup (it is better to backup regularly).


The reason for choosing the Eagle host is that there are multiple computer rooms for us to choose from. I suggest choosing Los Angeles and Singapore In the computer room, Singapore now uses the SOFTLAYER data center, which is relatively fast. It is recommended to pay annually or 2 years, because the discount can only be used when the first payment is made, and the renewal is the original price, but the renewal can choose to buy again, and then move, so you can enjoy the discount again.

Hawk host 6.5 discount discount code: whtsharedv4

The above discount code can be used when purchasing any scheme of HawkHost in the first year. The annual payment for the primary scheme is only $31 a year, which is equivalent to about RMB 195. If you buy the two-year scheme (below), the average is only $23 a year, which is equivalent to about RMB 149. Alipay, Paypal and credit card payments are supported.

 Hawk host is cheap in 2 years

At last, we can make payment. There is no difficulty. It should be noted that the HawkHost Hawk host purchased is not opened immediately. We need to wait for the official review before opening. After purchase, our account is PENDING status , need to wait until ACTIVE Can be used. The official will send an email to us. It usually takes half a day. This is also the official purpose of reviewing the security of funds. There is no other meaning. As long as we write our own information, there will be no problem, and Alipay will be no problem.

More questions about the Eagle host can be found on the official website of the Eagle host: HawkHost. Com

Common problems of users:

First, which programs and websites are suitable for Hawk host?

Answer: The Hawk host has only a Linux solution product, and can only support PHP+MYSQL programs, not ASP. It is suitable for all PHP script programs such as zblog php, Wordpress, Typecho, DISCUZ, and DEDECMS.

Second, can domestic webmasters use Chinese?

Answer: The host interface is in English, which is relatively simple. The CPANEL panel can be set in simplified Chinese. There are also many online tutorials. If you don't know how to operate, you can ask Lao Zuo to help you buy and solve the problem.

Third, is it easy to pay?

Answer: You can use Alipay, PAYPAL and credit card. It is recommended to use Alipay for faster pass rate. The latter may need to be verified.

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