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Support Alipay payment from BuyVM VPS host to discuss user account integrity

Today, Lao Zuo saw Alipay has been opened in the BUYVM order background. It seems that what he said before about preparing to open Alipay is still relatively fast, and the execution efficiency is higher than Lao Zuo predicted for overseas merchants. Last week, the second action since BUYVM launched the multi IP address VPS host scheme for Chinese users was to support the Alipay payment method that most of our users can adopt, which can be said to be more inclined to users' needs.

 Buyvm VPS supports Alipay payment

Since the establishment of BUYVM, public praise and controversy have coexisted, especially among the merchants of annual cheap VPS, the popularity of BUYVM VPS is relatively high. I remember staying up late one year to rush to buy the annual cheap VPS. It is controversial that BUYVM reviews the account strictly. If we scribble the address, or the user name and email address are different from our payment method (PAYPAL or credit card), the bill may be cancelled as fraudulent payment.

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Introduction to BuyVM VPS host scheme and tutorials for novices to purchase pictures and texts

Since BUYVM launched the scheme for multiple IP needs of Chinese users, we have seen in blogs and forums that the most mentioned thing is the strict audit of accounts. There are also many original "victims" who bitterly complain about the strict handling of accounts and other things. The old Zuobi made some fair suggestions about this matter, and many things may not be the business itself, It is our randomness.

First, do we comply with the use rules

Not only do we purchase BUYVM to deal with businesses with strict account requirements, including all other domestic and foreign host companies. We can't scribble when filling in the information. It is also the business and industry regulations to fill in the real information. Many users' names, addresses, and even countries do not conform to the local conditions, and some may copy the addresses and put pinyin, Even if some words are typed randomly on the keyboard, such information cannot be passed.

Second, what have we done

What do we do with VPS hosts? Build a station? Set up the environment required by some projects. If there is a violation of TOS rules that results in the account being locked or even permanently prohibited, sometimes the responsibility can't be blamed on the business, and sometimes the business is injured by mistake. If it is really our own responsibility, then we have nothing to say. If it is a mistake, we have reason to put forward opinions and need to give an official explanation.

After BUYVM VPS launched the VPS host for the CN scheme and now supports Alipay payment, we can see the official expectations for the Chinese market. From the BUYVM Chinese customer service consultation in the QQ group of Laozuo blog, to a certain extent, it will also target the user characteristics of the Chinese market and give a degree of relaxation to the account review, But the big policy will not be violated because of the needs of users.

Later, Lao Zuo was expecting/predicting whether there might be a simplified Chinese interface and customer service.

PS: Sometimes I see netizens mention something similar GODADDY domain name merchant Whether we have checked whether our own information about the HOLD domain name and account is true and complete, there may be some accidental injuries, but they are certainly few.

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