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BuyVM VPS Las Vegas Streaming Media Dedicated Line Host Comprehensive Test

If we use overseas servers for video streaming media creation, some streaming media websites in general VPS and ECS do not support access, including our domestic video platforms, and some overseas servers do not support the need for specific IP support segments. Lao Zuo also introduced it here BuyVM VPS The host scheme provides a dedicated streaming media VPS host scheme.

If we have something to choose, we can refer to“ BuyVM new unlimited flow streaming media optimization VPS host 1GB memory monthly payment $5 start "However, after we select and install the system, the default primary IP address is not the streaming media IP, but the ordinary IP address. We need to configure it. Please refer to" Effective method of BuyVM streaming media VPS IP address configuration ". Here, Lao Zuo is going to conduct a comprehensive test on the server supported by streaming media.

First, BuyVM streaming media dedicated delay speed measurement

Here we see the PING speed test of domestic three network nodes.

1. Telecommunication node

Jiangsu 155.363ms Shandong 159.112ms Anhui 159.58ms Hubei 166.026ms
Zhejiang 167.447ms Tianjin 168.656ms Shanghai 170.307ms Fujian 174.11ms
Shaanxi 177.568ms Ningxia 177.7ms Shanxi 178.155ms Henan 182.561ms
Hebei 184.292ms Liaoning 185.079ms Beijing 185.396ms Hunan 187.728ms
Hainan 189.204ms Sichuan 193.011ms Chongqing 193.118ms Qinghai 195.036ms
Jilin 197.192ms Guangxi 197.78ms Guizhou 199.156ms Heilongjiang 200.192ms
Gansu 205.056ms Jiangxi 207.112ms Inner Mongolia 220.685ms Yunnan 224.752ms
Xinjiang 234.556ms Tibet 245.692ms

2. Unicom node

Hebei 167.232ms Henan 170.444ms Guangxi 174.852ms Fujian 178.522ms
Hunan 179.92ms Jiangxi 180.592ms Hubei 181.314ms Liaoning 183.564ms
Jiangsu 185.784ms Hainan 186.328ms Chongqing 187.448ms Zhejiang 187.565ms
Tianjin 189.176ms Qinghai 189.368ms Shanghai 190.336ms Beijing 190.384ms
Anhui 190.72ms Shandong 191.105ms Ningxia 191.584ms Shaanxi 194.812ms
Heilongjiang 196.172ms Shanxi 196.635ms Yunnan 197.796ms Guizhou 206.58ms
Sichuan 206.66ms Inner Mongolia 215.152ms Xinjiang 315.608ms

3. Move Node

Shanghai 184.958ms Hebei 188.972ms Anhui 202.31ms Guangxi 202.428ms
Jiangxi 203.896ms Beijing 204.632ms Chongqing 206.192ms Fujian 211.19ms
Tianjin 212.536ms Zhejiang 216.024ms Hubei 217.54ms Hunan 222.908ms
Shandong 223.74ms Heilongjiang 223.88ms Yunnan 225.264ms Liaoning 226.936ms
Jilin 227.132ms Inner Mongolia 227.74ms Qinghai 239.84ms Jiangsu 245.464ms
Shanxi 260.62ms Tibet 267.678ms Hainan 271.978ms Guangdong 272.708ms
Shaanxi 277.22ms Sichuan 310.308ms Ningxia 332.035ms Xinjiang 352.604ms

Our remote connection test through Windows system is still very fast. My side is a telecommunications line. From the line, it is not directly connected to CN2, so we cannot have the same speed as CN2 GIA. The speed overseas is imaginable to be relatively fast.

Second, BuyVM streaming media dedicated route

Here, we do not look at the domestic node travel, which is meaningless. We look at several random nodes in the United States.

 BuyVM streaming media dedicated route

Third, special download and upload of BuyVM streaming media

 BuyVM VPS Las Vegas Streaming Media Dedicated Line Host Comprehensive Test - Sheet 2

Fourth, BuyVM streaming media private network support

 BuyVM VPS Las Vegas Streaming Media Dedicated Line Host Comprehensive Test - Sheet 3

To sum up, the speed is similar to that of Las Vegas, except that streaming media supports more node sites than ordinary ones. It is not convenient to test here. If necessary, it can be tested, but it is generally supported.


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