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Free Wotong digital certificate SSL application process Chinese interface issuing certificate fast

When our website needs SSL, we will consider the need to apply for an independent IP when buying a virtual host, and also consider the user experience of the website to encrypt user information in the address bar, and increase the user's sense of security when accessing and using our website. Generally, domain name vendors provide paid SSL services. We only need to pay for them. If we don't need to be too commercial and only need temporary or unimportant SSL services, we can actually apply Free SSL Service.

Lao Zuo is in“ The whole process of StartSSL application enables the website to have a free SSL certificate "China has shared some well-known overseas businesses that provide free STARTSSL. The process of writing this article is also quite complicated and has an English interface. For many users who hate English, it must add a lot of difficulty and rejection. It happened that when I was browsing the website in the morning, Lao Zuo saw that Shenzhen Wotong Electronic Authentication Service Co., Ltd. also provided free SSL services, providing free and paid services. Because we need free services here, Lao Zuo would not go to investigate the background of the merchants, as long as there is a certificate for us to use and the audit speed is fast.

PS: Before writing this article, Lao Zuo must first test that it is possible to apply and issue certificates quickly, so he wrote down the important steps and instructions of the application process of this free SSL provider. Because it is a Chinese interface, some places are simply skipped because we can all understand them.

First, log in to Wotong and register an account

Application address:

Because this is the first time we log on to the website, we can see that the first solution is free SSL service.

 Wosign official website and SSL scheme

The first time we need to register an account, enter the account information we need to register according to the prompt, and then get the activation verification of the email. After verification, we can get the login portal, and then there will be an email reminder and interface notification that the free email client certificate has been sent, which is named after our mailbox. pfx suffix.


After downloading to the desktop, we can double click to install according to the prompts. After installation, we can log in to wosign website with a browser (I don't think I can use Firefox, IE can) and directly log in to the website background.

Second, apply for Votone free SSL certificate

Enter the account background, we will see all the certificate items in the certificate application menu on the left, and we will select the free certificate.

 Wosign application certificate

The application process is also relatively simple. We need to input the account and information.

 Wosign Domain Name Certificate Application Process

The domain name that needs to be bound when filling in the certificate, especially the contact information, many people worry about whether it needs to be verified and whether non personal information can be used, but at present there is no need for manual review. My non personal information is directly passed.

 Wosign mail verification

Here, we need to verify whether the ownership of the domain name is our own, and then we choose to obtain it directly or verify it after the server is generated.

Finally, after the order is generated, we need to wait for approval. There is not much manual verification and approval. We only need to wait a few minutes to pass the approval.


In this way, we can apply the free SSL we apply to where we need it, whether to apply for an independent IP address or whether the website uses SSL to display different address bars.

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