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Recommended by two foreign domain name registrars commonly used by Lao Zuo

Lao Zuo still likes Foreign domain name registrar To register a domain name, for one thing, there is no need for special information authentication; for another, the price is relatively cheap compared with that in China, and there are often promotional activities; for the third, it is convenient to transfer out and in transactions. There are hundreds of domain name registrars of all sizes on the market, but few of them are commonly used. Here, there are only two foreign domain name registrars I often use.

Here are some introductions for you.

First, NameCheap

Namecheap, founded in 2001, is one of the earlier domain name registrars. It provides domain name registration, virtual host, SSL certificate and other services. The advantage of Namecheap is that it provides many types of domain name suffixes, and provides free Whois hiding, free DNS resolution, website forwarding, dynamic resolution and other functions. In addition, Namecheap also has good security and stability, which can ensure the security and reliability of users' domain names.

NameCheap domain name registrar( View official )At present, only credit card and PayPal payment are supported, but Alipay is not. Domain names are automatically protected by privacy. The price of newly registered COM is about $10 in the first year, and the renewal fee is about $15 in a year. The online customer service of the service provider is relatively friendly. Basically, online customer service can be found at any time to solve problems. Of course, domain name problems are rarely useful for customer service.

Second, NameSilo

NameSilo is also a well-known domain name registrar, founded in 2010. It is one of the domain name registrars recognized by ICANN and has managed more than one million domain names. The advantage of NameSilo is that it is cheap and provides free WHOIS privacy protection, DNS management and other services. In addition, the registration, renewal and other processes of NameSilo are relatively simple and suitable for novice users.

NameSilo ( Official website )The price of a newly registered COM domain name is about $13, and the renewal fee is also equivalent. This domain name registrar supports Alipay payment. The price of new registration and renewal is the same. There are not too many routines and promotional activities. The direct price is the selling price. Unlike NC service providers, there is still some gap between the price of new registration and renewal.

Namecheap and NameSilo are both reliable domain name registrars. The choice of a service provider depends on individual needs and preferences. If you need more suffix choices and free services, you can consider using Namecheap; If you pay more attention to price and simple operation process, you can choose NameSilo.

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