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Take a random look at the prices and characteristics of several foreign domain name registrars

Lao Zuo saw the promotion activities of the Namesilo domain name registrar. COM domain name yesterday or the day before yesterday. To be honest, it is rare to see the promotion activities of this service provider. When I wrote the article, I saw that the current activity is still going on, and the newly registered. COM domain name is $5.99, but I don't know when the specific activity will end. I have no domain name to register anyway. If you have a friend who needs to register, you can go and have a look.

Recently, most suffix domain names registered by domestic domain name registrars need real name authentication. For most website users, there is nothing strange, so just pass on personal information authentication. If they don't want to be certified, they must be overseas Register domain name Therefore, in this article, Lao Zuo simply looked at the price of domain name registration, transfer and renewal of several overseas domain name registrars that he often paid attention to, including some personal views on these businesses.


First, Namesilo


Although the Namesilo domain name registrar started not very early, that is, a few years ago, so far it has only domain name registration and some transaction services, and does not involve mainframe and other businesses. Of course, it is not clear whether their parent company has other fields.

Namesilo gives people the impression that it is stable. Neither the price nor the official promotion can be seen. For example, there are few promotions on Black Friday every year, let alone ordinary times. Launched the day before yesterday with a limited time of $5.99 Register domain name For the first time, at least Lao Zuo seldom saw such low price activities in his family.

The new registration price of the Namesilo domain name is not very high. The renewal fee and transfer in fee are almost the same. The so-called new account is one dollar Discount code It is also optional. The better thing is that privacy protection is a permanent gift, but it seems that privacy protection cannot forward emails to our account mailbox.

Second, Namecheap


Namecheap was supposed to be the agent of enom at the beginning. Today, the real number lies in persistence. Lao Zuo likes his family's online customer service. At least several times when I need to solve problems (sometimes I help netizens ask), I find their online customer service is basically online and can help solve them in a friendly way. For example, I applied for a free SSL certificate some time ago and directly found the customer service to quickly review and pass.

The price of new registration or renewal of Namecheap domain name is not very cheap, about 10+US dollars. Even if there is a little discount, it is still relatively small. Namecheap merchants currently do not support Alipay payment, and there are many highlights in several public welfare activities and Black Friday every year, which is of course due to the fact that there are almost no promotional activities in Godaddy and other merchants.

Third, merchants are more low-key. They can't see the so-called activities more low-key than Namesilo, but they can see some company activities on Weibo. Sometimes they send an email to push promotions. But because of the time difference, we are basically still sleeping, and the activities will end after we get up, so it basically has nothing to do with our Chinese webmasters.

The impression of to Laozuo is that there is a free privacy protection discount for new registrations, and the transfer to the. COM domain name is 8.25 dollars. The transfer discount is good, and you can use a free privacy protection for the first year.

Fourth, Godaddy

Godaddy, most of our netizens/webmasters should have used their domain names, especially in the previous years when they were particularly arrogant. They often released 0.99, 1.99 and other promotional activities for newly registered domain names, which led to the accumulation of many useless domain names. It is estimated that I like to buy and buy, and the reason why I want to buy when I see it is cheap has fallen since then. No matter how low the activity is, it is a waste to buy something useless, even if it costs a few yuan.

In recent years, Godaddy merchants rarely have promotional activities. Even the domain names with the previous price can't be registered by Chinese webmasters normally, and even Black Friday has no promotional activities. This has something to do with the change of management. At the same time, their product lines have also changed. Instead of just playing to attract new registered users, hosts and cloud servers are also the main ones. At present, Godaddy's newly registered. COM domain name is about 55 yuan( course )The annual payment of virtual machine and virtual machine is free of domain names. For example, the annual payment of Godaddy economic machine is $12 free of domain names( course )For ordinary foreign trade websites, the speed of Chinese websites is not very good.

The new registration and transfer in of Godaddy domain names are OK, but the renewal fees are expensive and there is no discount. We usually renew the domain names by transferring out of the registrar, and then transfer back the next year. If you don't mind the trouble, you can do this, but you can save money.

To sum up, Lao Zuo usually pays attention to and uses the above domain name registrars, as well as ENOM, DYNADOT, Domain and other businesses, but few of them are actually used.

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