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Message - Namesilo supports Alipay payment method to give permanent privacy protection

Namesilo, an ICANN certified domain name registrar launched in 2012, although it is not as old as GoDaddy, Namecheap, Enom, and other businesses we often use, it is said that those who can become ICANN certified businesses have enough strength, and they need to pay how much guarantee money. We won't discuss this issue today. Namesilo currently only has domain name service, and it didn't support many suffixes at the beginning. Yesterday, a netizen told me that it supports a large number of suffixes, so I went to see it. Now it supports a lot of strange new suffixes, and I don't think domestic consumers will use it.

The bigger highlight is that Namesilo supports Alipay payment, which used to be available in PAYPAL, credit card, Bitcoin and other payment methods. It is a big problem for most people who do not have the latter payment method. Now it supports Alipay payment, and we can buy it directly. Basically, we still have Alipay. The second feature of Namesilo merchants is that they support privacy protection and are free of charge, which is relatively affordable for users with such needs.

First, let's take a look at the price of the Namesilo domain name

 Namesilo Price List of Newly Registered Domain Names

The above is NameSilo The price of new domain name registration is reasonable. Let's take a look at the price list of domain name transfer and renewal.

 Namesilo domain name renewal and transfer in price list

The above are our common suffixes. Now we also support a large number of special suffixes, which we generally do not use.

Second, Namesilo discount code

If you are a new registered user, we can use the discount code once for each account, and you can save $1 for any order


For example, our newly registered domain name is 8.99 dollars. After using the coupon, it only costs 7.99 dollars, but only for the newly registered account. Each account can only be used once. After using it, it is difficult to use it. Unless we newly registered an account, you should not speculate. Not only should the account be new, but also the payment method should be new.

Third, the new registration tutorial of Namesilo domain name

A - Log in to the official website of NAMESILO to register an account

NameSilo Official website:

 Homepage of namesilo official website

At the top of the home page, you can see the Create New account connection, ready to register a new account. When registering an account, we must input * according to the specified requirements, using Pinyin or English instead of Chinese characters. Please remember to use real information for email and password protection. Because no matter which registrar, if there is a security problem in our account or domain name, we need to provide a real certificate verification.

B - Enter the domain name to be registered

 Enter the domain name to be registered

We can enter a single domain name in the first line, or enter batch registration domain names below. There are few domain name registration suffixes in NAMESILO, but they are common.


Detect that it can be registered, and then add it to the shopping cart.


Here we can see the clear shopping cart price. We need to choose the purchase age, whether to start automatic renewal, and whether to start privacy protection. The domain privacy protection here is free, and the renewal is also free. If we are a new account, we can use the discount code( savingone )Save $1.

C - Select the payment method of NAMESILO domain name


We can choose credit card, PAYPAL or Bitcoin, and support Alipay payment. After we have paid successfully, we will check the domain name list.

D - View the registered domain name


Here we can see that the domain name just registered is successfully in the account.

In conclusion, after we got to know the Namesilo merchants, especially after we supported Alipay payment, we Overseas domain name registrar There are many more channels to choose from. Generally, we use it in several merchants. Sometimes it is not the price, but the storage security of multiple merchants, or the transfer and renewal are cheap when renewing, for example, in“ Namesilo domain name unlocking, obtaining transfer code and transferring 50 yuan to GoDaddy domain name registrar "Articles, we can transfer to Godaddy merchants It only costs about 50 yuan, which is cheaper than direct renewal.

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