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Analyze the causes and solutions of domain name resolution errors

If we need to build a website, the domain name is absolutely essential. The domain name can be used to open the website on your corresponding server only after the domain name resolution server and the server response item resolve to the domain name. However, when some of our friends are dealing with website resolution, some of them see that the domain name has indeed been resolved to the server, but they cannot open the website through the domain name. What is the reason? Let's check one by one.

First, white list

The so-called white list here means that if our current policy decides. If you need to use a domestic server, your domain name must have been filed. And some service providers need you to contact the current server through the whitelist of the current service provider. If the domain name we directly purchased is not filed, it must be unable to parse and use. But at this time, we can use other Asian servers or European and American servers.

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Second, the resolution is normal

We need to check whether the IP address of the current domain name resolution server is correct. And whether the current service industry can use some server failures. It's not about the domain name system. During domain name resolution, you need to check whether the current server is authorized. For example, port 80 needs to be abandoned for resolution, and port 443 needs to be released for SSL.

Third, the domain name expires

Some friends are careless. The domain name has expired, and we still don't know whether we need to check whether the current domain name has expired or been deleted by the service provider. When we manage the domain name, we must check when the current domain name expires and whether it needs to be renewed. If the expiration date is exceeded, the domain name is deleted, and you cannot retrieve it.

Fourth, CDN binding problem

If our website uses cdn, your domain name needs to be correctly resolved in the process of using cdn. The specific resolution process depends on which service provider's cdn we use. We need to bind the domain name to the cdn service provider, and then reverse resolve to the server through the cdn.

The above is Lao Zuo's summary of possible problems in domain name resolution and how to troubleshoot them.

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