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Which foreign domain name registrar is better (several reasons for registering foreign domain names)

At present, which registrar will our webmaster choose to register the domain name? Domestic registrar or foreign domain name registrar. In the past, Lao Zuo used to choose more foreign registrars when registering domain names. The reason is that foreign registrars' domain names are cheap, often have promotional activities, and it is convenient for businesses to transfer ownership. Now our domestic domain name registrars are also more convenient, and the cost is almost the same.

Just now, a netizen asked which foreign domain name registrar is better when learning to build a website, and suggested which registrar to choose. After all, I saw that a few days ago Lao Zuo also shared the winter promotional activities of NC merchants. There was still a certain discount for newly registered domain names. However, he had no choice but to pay by credit card and PP, so he could not buy it. So Lao Zuo suggested that he choose domestic ones, but the prices were almost the same. Then take this opportunity to talk about some problems of foreign domain name registrars, and Register foreign domain name Several reasons.

First, which foreign domain name registrar is appropriate

In fact, Laozuo used to register domain names with foreign registrars, such as Namecheap Namesilo, Name merchant. The reason why I choose them is that I am used to it. Although some of them are more than ten yuan or dozens of yuan more expensive when renewing their fees, I want to transfer some of them to other companies, but some of them are too lazy to transfer.

When we choose foreign domain name registrars, you should look for regular mass businesses. And ICANN certified service providers. Of course, there may be a little difference in price. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. If you mind, let's have a look and compare. Once you get used to a certain business, you can follow your feeling. There is no such thing as good or bad, as long as it is a regular mass business.

Second, factors to be considered in building foreign trade stations

Generally, our conventional consideration is that Chinese websites or websites that want to be filed must choose domestic registrars to access the filing. If we are going to build a foreign trade website, we usually choose a foreign domain name registrar. And some of our netizens may have some copyright or other factors in the content of their foreign trade websites. Most of them will choose foreign registrars. After all, the content is slightly loose. Of course, if they do violate the rules, they will also be checked.

Some of our concerns are the DNS resolution of domain names. For example, for foreign domain name registrars, we can directly resolve foreign trade websites. If you are a domestic registrar, you still need to use a third-party foreign DNS resolution. If you directly resolve, it is a bit inappropriate.

In short, at present, we choose domestic or Foreign domain name providers Home, the price factor may not be considered much, but more is the problem of habit. I don't know what factors you consider when choosing a foreign name registrar.

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