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The Necessity of. app Domain Name Registration

The. app domain name is a top-level domain name (TLD) launched by Google to provide a secure online experience. As the management organization of the. app domain name, Google requires that all. app domain names must use HTTPS to encrypt data transmission to ensure user privacy and security The app domain name is suitable for various online applications and websites, especially for mobile applications, games, software and technology related projects.

Is the. app domain worth registering? Here Lao Zuo talks about his views.

1. Price issues

We can see that most domain name registrars, both domestic and foreign, provide them Registration of APP domain name suffix. But the price difference is quite large. Compared with our common. com or. net domain names The price of APP domain names is relatively high.

When we register an APP domain name, we need to consider the subsequent domain name costs. If the domain name costs are too high, we can actually choose an appropriate domain name suffix, and the price is quite affordable. There is no need to pursue a domain name with a high price. After all, we need to consider the subsequent operating costs.

2. Industry problems

From the appearance of APP domain names, it is indeed in line with the field of mobile applications we currently use. However, when we really use a product for publicity, it is not necessary to use these new domain name suffixes. Instead, we use some old domain name suffixes. COM NET ORG is easy to remember.

3. General problems

We can see that in the business of some domestic enterprises, there are few real users of APP domain names. So we don't need to try. We need to know the suffix of a domain name, even if it is pushed by a brand, if there is not a certain number of users, the domain name suffix may be deleted or dissolved. If our early investment in publicity costs, if the domain name is dissolved, will we lose a lot? Therefore, the domain name suffix with a large number of users should be used.

To sum up, for the promotion of a brand, it is still unnecessary for me to register an APP domain name for use. If we have a certain budget to form a play, it is still OK. I suggest not to use it for real use.

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