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PhotonVPS - Los Angeles KVM 512MB Memory 50GB Hard Disk 2000GB Traffic $4.76/month

PhotonVPS , an old American VPS host provider set up by Chinese, is a product of different brands of the same company as YardVPS. PhotonVPS provides two hard disk solutions, namely, the PSychz computer room in Los Angeles and the SSD and HDD in KVM architecture, and has the choice of Linux and Windows systems. However, PhotonVPS has not released a discount code activity for some time, and the 20% discount activity released this time can still be cheaper.

First, PhotonVPS merchant part scheme

  • CPU: 1 core CPU
  • Memory: 512MB
  • Hard disk: 50GB
  • Traffic: 2000GB
  • Port: 100 Mbit
  • Architecture: KVM/Linux
  • Number of IPs: 1 independent IP
  • Price: $4.76/month
  • CPU: 1 core CPU
  • Memory: 1024MB
  • Hard disk: 100GB
  • Traffic: 4000GB
  • Port: 100 Mbit
  • System: KVM/Linux
  • Number of IPs: 1 independent IP
  • Price: $8.76/month

PhotonVPS provides STORAGE20 The 20% discount code is only valid in the large hard disk storage Linux scheme,

Second, PhotonVPS Los Angeles test IP address

Test address:

Third, PhotonVPS PING speed test

 Photonvps PING speed test

IV. IO hard disk performance test

 Photonvps io hard disk performance

The test here is the SSD scheme that Lao Zuo bought at the beginning. With SSD SSD, the speed is relatively good.

Fourth, WGET download speed test


Fifth, CPU detection

 Photonvps CPU performance test

Sixth, MTR route tracking

 Photonvps Route Tracking Test

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