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Five common WordPress object storage plug-ins separate static files to accelerate websites

At present, most of our websites are using WordPress programs, ranging from personal blogs and corporate websites to some We Media websites. But our general webmasters will find that why do some people's websites even have the same host, the same theme template, and others' websites open particularly fast? This is actually a defect of the WordPress program. If we do not accelerate the adjustment of program optimization and server configuration, we will indeed see a difference in speed.

Lao Zuo (LAOZUO. ORG) has also mentioned in several previous articles that we can separate static resources such as pictures, JS, CSS, etc. in the website into third-party storage space, because the third-party storage space must open faster than ours. And I was there“ Inventory of free object storage space Cloud merchants can build their own map bed and website static storage "The article introduces the current mainstream free object storage merchants. Generally, we use AliCloud OSS, Tencent Cloud COS, Qiniu Cloud Storage, and Youpai Cloud more.

In this article, we are not going to introduce the performance of these object storage providers. In fact, there is little difference in the performance. It depends on our actual use experience. What we need to introduce in this article is the plug-in used by WordPress program with object storage, that is, after installing the plug-in, we can naturally and automatically upload the static file to the object storage, and load it into the content of our current editing article.

First, WPCOS Tencent Cloud Object Storage Plug in

Lao Zuo is there“ WPCOS plug-in enables WordPress to upload pictures to Tencent Cloud COS object storage separately "The article introduces the Tencent Cloud WPCOS plug-in, which is suitable for Tencent Cloud object storage space. The small feature of Tencent Cloud object storage is that it has a three-level domain name, which we can use directly without binding our own domain name. Of course, we can also bind our own domain name acceleration, but after binding the domain name, we need to enable CDN acceleration.

Download address:

We can download and install directly, or search [WPCOS] directly in the WordPress background to see the automatic download and installation.

Second, WPOSS AliCloud Object Storage Plug in

For specific use of WPOSS plug-ins, refer to“ WPOSS plug-in enables separation of WordPress images to AliCloud OSS object storage "The same thing about this article is that you can use Alibaba Cloud free domain names when you do not bind your own domain names. This plug-in can customize the directory, while other plug-ins cannot. The use and configuration are basically similar.

Download address:

We can directly search for [WPOSS] download in the WordPress background or use the official alternate address to download. Considering that the recent official access to WordPress is somewhat difficult.

Third, WPUPYUN took photos of the cloud object storage plug-in

Cloud storage is still relatively old, and we also have“ WordPress+WPUPYUN plug-in enables attachment images to be stored in the cloud object "The article introduces the use of this WPUPYUN plug-in, which is simple to configure. Youpaiyun can provide 10GB of free storage and 15GB of monthly traffic for webmasters who join the alliance.

Plug in download address:

Similarly, download the official alternate address directly or search [WPUPYUN] in Wordpress background plug-in to download and install. Another photo of free cloud storage users supporting HTTPS certificates.

Fourth, WPQINIU Qiniu cloud storage plug-in

Qiniu object storage space also provides 10GB of storage every month. Generally, small websites are sufficient, but they do not support free HTTPS. Reference“ WordPress+WPQiNiu plug-in realizes the separation of image attachments to Qiniu Cloud storage management "In the article, we can see that the configuration of Qiniu Cloud is relatively simple. Qiniu Cloud does not provide free domain names. We need to bind our own domain names. Of course, we need to have a BA.

Download address:

We can search the [WPQINIU] plug-in to download and install it, or if we cannot access the WP official, we can use the above address to download it and then install it manually.

Fifth, WPFTP custom storage space

If we consider the use of third-party storage space requires payment or other factors. We can also build our own FTP space and bind it with the WPFTP plug-in, but there is a slight problem. The problem about the authorized port is not particularly correct. Sometimes it can be used, and sometimes it cannot be uploaded. Lao Zuo is also here“ Use WPFTP plug-in to build a self built FTP graph bed to store and separate website pictures and attachment files "。

Download address:

We can search [WPFTP] to download, or go to the plug-in official download.

To sum up, we can choose our favorite object storage merchants and then use the corresponding storage plug-ins.

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