Philosophy of Life - The Story of Ancient India

informal essay four thousand three hundred and forty 13 years ago (2011-03-09)

Here is a story for you. I hope you like this story and hope it will bring you good luck.

One day, when a blind man was crossing the street with his guide dog, a large truck lost control and rushed over. The blind man was killed on the spot. His guide dog also died under the wheel to guard its owner.

The owner and the dog went to the gate of heaven.

An angel stopped them and said in embarrassment: Sorry, there is only one place left in heaven, and one of you must go to hell.

Upon hearing this, the master asked: My dog doesn't know what heaven is and what hell is. Can I decide who goes to heaven?

The angel looked at the master contemptuously and frowned. She thought for a while and said: I'm sorry, sir, every soul is equal. You should decide who goes to heaven through a competition.

The host asked disappointedly: Oh, what game?

The angel said, "This race is very simple. It is a race. The one who gets to the destination first can go to heaven.". However, don't worry, because you are dead, so you are no longer blind, and the speed of the soul has nothing to do with the body. The more simple and kind people are, the faster they are.

The host thought for a while and agreed.

The angel told his master and dog to get ready and announced the start of the race. She was full of the thought that the master would rush forward desperately in order to enter heaven. Who knew that the master was not busy at all and walked slowly forward. To the angel's surprise, the guide dog did not run. It followed the master's pace slowly and refused to leave the master. The angel suddenly realized that over the years, this guide dog has formed the habit of always following its master and guarding him in front of his master. The hateful master took advantage of this to be confident and secure. He only had to stop his dog at the gate of heaven.

The angel looked at the loyal dog and was very sad. She said loudly to the dog, "You have given your life for your master. Now, your master is no longer blind, and you don't need to lead him to walk. Run to heaven!"!

However, neither the master nor his dog seemed to have heard the angel's words, and they still walked slowly forward, as if walking in the street.

Sure enough, a few steps from the end, the master gave a command, the dog obediently sat down, and the angel looked at the master with disdain.

At this time, the master smiled, he turned to the angel and said: "I finally sent my dog to heaven. My biggest worry is that it doesn't want to go to heaven at all, but only wants to be with me. So I want to help it decide. Please take care of it.".

The angel was stunned.

The owner looked at his dog nostalgically and said: It's great to be able to decide by way of competition. As long as I let him move forward a few more steps, he can go to heaven. But it has accompanied me for so many years. This is the first time that I can look at it with my own eyes, so I can't help but want to walk slowly and look at it for a while. If I could, I would like to watch it go on forever. But heaven is here. That's where it should go. Please take care of it.

After saying these words, the master gave the dog an order to move forward. At the moment when the dog reached the end, the master fell like a feather in the direction of hell. Seeing this, his dog quickly turned around and ran after its master. The regretful angel opened his wings to catch the guide dog, but it was the purest and kindest soul in the world, and its speed was far faster than all the angels in heaven.

So the guide dog is with its owner again. Even in hell, the guide dog will always guard its owner.

The angel stood there for a long time and murmured, "I was wrong at the beginning. These two souls are one and cannot be separated."
Finally, I would like to say that there is only one truth in this world, but in the eyes of different people, they will see different rights and wrongs. Why is this? In fact, the truth is very simple, because everyone can't stand on the position of absolute objectivity and justice when looking at things, but more or less wear colored glasses, and judge with their own experience, likes and dislikes, and moral standards. As a result, we see the illusion.
"One of the happiness of friendship is knowing who you can confide in." If you receive this letter, it is because someone is silently blessing you, because you also love some people around you. If you always say that you are too busy to forward this letter, you will never do it. So, don't make excuses. Read this story from ancient India, and then decide to do something for your friends, starting from sending this letter. When you say, "You are my good friend", please say it carefully. When you apologize, please look into the other person's eyes.

   Never laugh at others' dreams. Don't judge a person casually. Speak slowly and think quickly.

   Please smile when you call, the other party must feel it.