Food unsuitable for eating together

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Dog meat+mung beans will burst your belly. Eating three or two pieces of water spinach can cure you.

If saccharin+sweet wine are eaten together, they will be poisoned. Take 20g liquorice with water.

Eating garlic+rehmannia together will affect the absorption of nutrients.

Chestnut+duck can be poisoned.

Milk+sugar milk can react with fructose when heated to produce toxic fructose amino acids, which are harmful to human health.

Eating garlic and green onions together will hurt your stomach.

Eating lamb liver+bamboo shoots together can cause poisoning.

Tofu+shallot tofu contains calcium, and shallot contains a certain amount of oxalic acid. They are eaten together and combined into calcium oxalate, which is not easy to absorb.

Watermelon+mutton can hurt your vitality. You can use 100g licorice to fry in water.

Spinach+cucumber food rich in vitamin C will destroy vitamin C when eaten together.

Garlic+dog meat can cause poisoning, which can be treated with human milk and juice.

Eating cucumber and celery together will reduce the absorption of nutrients.

Eating peanuts and cucumbers together will hurt your health. You can use ground slurry to detoxify. You can also eat Huoxiang pills.

Ophiopogon japonicus+crucian carp will be poisoned if eaten together. You can use ground slurry to detoxify.

Eating persimmon and crab together will cause illness and poisoning.

Eating honey and rice together will cause stomachache.

Celery+turtle will be poisoned if eaten together. You can use olive juice to detoxify.

MSG+eggs and eggs also contain glutamic acid. Adding MSG to scrambled eggs will destroy and mask the natural flavor of eggs.

The shrimp skin and red dates can be poisoned if eaten together.

If chicken and sesame are eaten together, they will die. Use liquorice and water to fry them.

If goose and persimmon are eaten together, they will die. You can fry them with mung bean water.

Chocolate and milk are easy to form insoluble calcium oxalate when eaten together, and hair will become dry.

Sheep liver+red beans can cause poisoning, which can be detoxified with chicken droppings.

Milk+fruit juice is an acidic drink, which can coagulate protein into blocks to affect absorption and reduce the nutrition of milk.

Milk+oranges Eating oranges just after drinking milk affects digestion and absorption, and can also cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

The organic acid of soybean milk+brown sugar brown sugar combines with the protein of soybean milk to produce denatured sediment, which reduces the nutritional value.

Radish and agaric together will cause dermatitis.

Eating tomatoes and sweet potatoes together can lead to lithiasis, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

When persimmons+potatoes eat potatoes, hydrochloric acid will be produced in the stomach. Persimmons precipitate under the action of gastric acid, which is difficult to digest and not easy to discharge.

Soy beans and pig blood together will cause indigestion.

Xihong chair+pig liver pig liver can oxidize and deoxygenate vitamin C, making it lose its original ascorbic acid function.

Aldose vinegar residues in the cellulose contained in pig liver+cauliflower form chelates with iron, copper, zinc, etc. in pig liver.

Honey+tofu flower together can cause deafness, and mung beans can cure it.

Copper in pig liver+bean sprout pig liver will accelerate the oxidation of vitamin c in bean sprout and lose its nutritional value.

Jujube+fish+onion will cause indigestion

Tomatoes+carrots with food rich in vitamin C will destroy vitamin C.

Yogurt+bananas are easy to produce carcinogens.

Milk+leek milk mixed with leeks containing more oxalic acid will affect the absorption of calcium.

The mucilaginous protein in the egg is easy to combine with the trypsin in soybean milk and is not easy to absorb.

Alkali+porridge Vitamin B1, B2, niacin and vitamin C are stable in acid and easy to be decomposed in alkaline environment.

Fish+tomato food Vitamin C in will inhibit the release of copper.

Tomatoes+cucumbers and cucumbers contain vitamin C decomposing enzymes. Eating together can destroy vitamin C in tomatoes.

Fruit and radish together are prone to goiter.

Carrot+white radish The ascorbase contained in carrots destroys the vitamin C of white radish, reducing its nutritional value.