Eight tips for making hair more supple

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Tip 1: It's better not to use nylon or plastic combs

Nylon and plastic combs are easy to generate static electricity, which is a strong adverse stimulus to hair and scalp, not only making hair more difficult to serve, but also damaging the scalp. Therefore, it is better to use a wooden comb or a comb specially designed to reduce static electricity, Tuoyuan Network It is recommended that you try to use a wooden comb, which can not only massage the scalp, but also promote blood circulation, which is also very helpful for removing dandruff.

Tip 2: Don't perm, dye or blow dry your hair

First of all, perms and hair dyes do great harm to the hair. Every time you perm and dye your hair, you are damaging the hair quality, and there is no perm and hair dye that does not hurt the hair completely. In addition, no matter in which season, if the hair is often blown by hot wind, it may cause damage to hair tissue and scalp. Of course, there is no need to worry about occasionally. When blowing hair, it is best to keep the hair dryer about 30 cm away from the hair, and try to reduce the temperature of the hot air.

Trick 3: Technique of combing hair

It is also important to comb long hair. It is best to spend some time combing the messy and knotted parts of hair with a comb with sparse teeth. It should be combed from the end of the hair to the root of the hair until it can be combed smoothly from the root to the end of the hair. Remember not to comb from the root of your hair.

Tip 4: Tips for drying hair

Since regular hair blowing may hurt your hair, then wiping your hair is the best way to dry it, but never pull your hair when wiping it. You can use two towels. The first towel is used to absorb most of the water from the hair, and the second towel is used to dry the hair. Rubbing the hair with a thick towel will severely hurt the hair. You should start from the end of the hair and use your fingers to smooth the hair. Finally, gently comb the hair with a toothless comb. If you want to blow, you should slowly start to blow away the moisture.

Tip 5: Don't wash your hair like washing clothes

Since the hair is rarely dirty, gently rub it to produce foam when washing the hair, wash it carefully, smooth it with your fingers to keep the hair straight, and there is no need to vigorously rub the hair.

Tip 6: Don't use strong alkaline shampoo in winter

Because strong alkaline shampoo or oil removing shampoo has strong degreasing and dehydration capacity, it is not suitable for use in dry autumn and winter, otherwise it is easy to make hair dry and split. So those oil removing shampoos that are often used to remove oil in summer should not be used in autumn and winter. It is recommended that you use vegetable shampoos or shampoos with moisturizing ingredients that are not irritating to the scalp and hair at this time, but you should also choose shampoos that are suitable for you according to the nature and characteristics of your hair.

Tip 7: Don't wash your hair frequently

For long hair, it is best to wash it once every three days in autumn. This is because the weather is dry in autumn, and the hair is vulnerable to dryness. If you wash your hair too frequently, it will fall off.

The eighth tip is to have the habit of using conditioner

Adhering to the use of hair conditioner is an important part of maintaining hair health. The newly washed hair is still a little wet, and at this time, the friction is large, and it is easy to be messy and torn. If you want to smooth wet hair, the best way is to use conditioner. When using hair conditioner, apply it all over the hair. It is best to use different hair conditioner at the root and tip of the hair. And it is better to change the hair conditioner of different brands frequently than to use only one brand of hair conditioner for a long time.