70 delicious and cheap places in Beijing

informal essay four thousand six hundred and eight 13 years ago (2010-11-01)

1. In the Daoxiangchun Gate at Xinjiekou, there is a small and extremely small hot and dry noodles in the Sichuan Snack Shop. It seems that only two yuan and five yuan are needed.....

2. From the Hutong in the north of Dibai to Houhai, there will be a small shop in the middle of the road. The potstickers in it are also very cheap. Two MMs can eat it. Even the soup is not more than 10 yuan, which is absolutely worth!  

3. Xiejia Hutong, No. 157, Andingmen Inner Street - "Guilin Meimei" Guilin Rice Noodle Shop: 7 yuan for signature beef brisket noodles, 5 yuan for assorted noodles, Beijing This is a rare 9-inch sea bowl. There are more than 40 kinds of rice noodles. It is said that the bittern soup is made of more than 50 kinds of spices. You can smell it at the mouth of the alley, metro 150 meters to the south, giant stick!

4. There is a Lanzhou Beef Noodle Restaurant diagonally opposite the Capital Theater (to the south). The door is not big and the hygiene is not bad, but the taste is really good. It costs 4 yuan a bowl, which is extremely cheap in Wangfujing.  

5. In the Muslim snack bar at the intersection of Di'anmen, the pea yellow (personally) is the best food in Beijing.....  

6. Around Niujie Health School (Lvding), Chenji all kinds of New Year cakes (rice, noodles, pot cakes), bean flour cakes (donkey roll), Aiwowo, pea yolk, Tangtangguo Next to them, they cook mutton and beef. They go out to CAMP to take them to eat, and buy a catty of meat and give them a fire (depending on the mood of the old man who bought meat).

7. Taijichang Meiyuan Dairy Store: cheese 4.50 yuan/bowl, milk roll 2.50 yuan/piece, dried cheese 35.00/jin (Tuanjiehu has a branch)

8. There is a family in Liupu Kang ------ bean curd ------ boiled ------ green beans,,,, ha ha, absolutely delicious, and the environment is clean

9. The stir fried red fruits in Daoxiangcun are not bad. And its glutinous rice wine with eggs to make porridge, very beautiful.

10. Xizhimen Subway Northwest Exit, Right Hand Niula First Class Stick, Super Cheap, Enough Wolf Swallowing Index 87

11. There is a state-owned restaurant in Sitiaokou, Dongsi. The braised food there is very good! This is called Stewed Pork

12. There is a tea restaurant called "Richang" in Dongdan. In the Hutong opposite the Union Medical College Hospital, the business there is Guangdong flavor, which is similar to the food stalls in Hong Kong TV. The stewed rice there is very delicious, and neither of them can eat a smaller amount of rice!  

13. There is also a hot pot restaurant in Taiwan called "Xiabu". New World Shopping Mall in Beijing, Xidan Pearl, Zhuang Shengchongguang Department Store, Ganjiakou Building All have branches. And the pot bottom and seasoning have been charged one yuan each since last August. The key is that the sauce they mixed there tastes good. There are so many people in each store that they have to queue up if they are late.  

14. Great! It turns out that everyone is in love with food, so I have to say that it is actually dairy products, a chain of three yuan dairy products, which is available all over the world! I never went in before, but I only sold milk and drinks. As a result, when I went in, I knew that there were many dairy products, which you could not imagine, especially the bayberry bean curd. It was a refreshing thing to eat in summer: not sweet, not greasy, ice cold, but also a very refreshing smell of bayberry. Every time I see a chain of Sanyuan dairy products, I have to eat a few: cheese, yogurt, bayberry tofu. In winter, I also add some milk rolls and cheese jerky. The only disadvantage is that it does not meet the cheap conditions, and it belongs to the category of FB!  

15. On the back street of the Art Museum, there is a Guizhou restaurant. When you enter, you will first serve free Kudingcha. The rice and bean curd there are very delicious. You can eat rice noodles for 5 yuan.

16. I often look for Yunnan food in Beijing. The Yunnan restaurant at the ice cellar near Deshengmen is the first one in Beijing, followed by the "Baoqin" Dai restaurant behind Weigongcun University for Nationalities, which is good in Beijing.  

17. In Kuanjie, not far from passers-by, there is Dai cuisine. It is FB in terms of food, but it is worth it in terms of taste and characteristics!  

18. There is a Xinjiang restaurant at the mouth of Maoer Hutong, where the roasted leg of mutton is usually very gray; There is a small noodle shop in the old corner of Xinjiekou, and cold noodles are the best I have ever eaten; Walk north for 10 minutes at the subway entrance of Wanshou Road, and there is a Yuanminghua Restaurant on the east of the road, which is boiled in yellow wax and fragrant; Fried liver and fried tripe in Qianmen Hutong are delicious; Visiting Hakka cuisine on the right bank of the sea, it was good; The kebabs in the street opposite Huatang are very small; Hunan food on the east side of Chiba Mansion of Water Cone is very appetizing....  

19. Also, there is a small beach (I forgot my full name) under the Huapu Underground of Chaoyang Gate. It's a unique combination of noodles! 8 yuan, the price is OK.

20. The Kung Pao Chicken in the restaurant opposite the 229 clothing store near the west gate of the People's Congress is litchi flavored. Blessed are the sweet girls.

21. East Fourth Ring Road, north of Honglingjin Bridge, opposite the Bus Terminal 9, "Fool" hotpot, free drinks in Yanjing Qingdao, draft beer 1. 5 yuan.  

22. In the restaurant on the first floor of Dunhui Hotel outside the Di'an Gate, hawthorn porridge is slightly sweet and sour. It's delicious! There is ten brocade fried rice in a small restaurant at the front door of the Chinese Opera Academy. I, a person who does not like fried rice very much, would like to shout it out!

23. Tianxingju's fried liver, but now it has been dismantled!

24. As for Beijing's Yunnan cuisine, I think it is also authentic in Yunteng Hotel of Yunnan Office in Beijing. It's next to the Dongbianmen. The taste of the hot pot chicken is unmistakable. Ha ha!!  

25. In Tsinghua University, next to my home, Asia's largest dining hall, 3 yuan is enough to eat, 5 yuan is enough to eat, and there are rolling stairs upstairs and downstairs on the 4th floor, grand!!  

26. Tofu milk --- boiled --- green beans, on Ande Road, go east, and pass the second crossing of the Seventh Middle School, turning.

27. There is a very grand noodle shop at the Shizi intersection of Di'anmen Road towards the back door of Beihai. The mutton stewed noodles (as it seems to be called) are delicious, 10 yuan.

28. There is a four ring market on Route 55 (listen to my mother). There is a kind of peanut there.... I can't say what a dish tastes like. My friend said it's double cooked pork (a little like it). It's 10 yuan and 3 jin. It's delicious. Next time I have the opportunity to bring it to visitors for everyone to taste.

29. The small intestine of Langfang Ertiao in Qianmen, Chen's braised pork, Feng's tripe, and the bean juice of the old Beijing mixed sauce noodles in Ganjiakou  

30. The "New Sichuan Noodle Restaurant" in Xinjiekou, when I saw everyone eating cold noodles last time, I even got a bowl of cold noodles - only 4 yuan, which was too much. There are also free porridge (or something else) to drink~~~

31. In addition, more than N people like to eat mutton kebabs near the "Old Xi'an Restaurant", but I think they are too spicy. Not cheap, 2 yuan

32. Speaking of cold noodles, to the north of Sunshine Plaza, cold noodles for Meizhou Dongpo snacks are 3 yuan, good to eat, very delicious, extremely delicious..... And its dry Shaomian, authentic..... There are sesame oil frozen cakes. The hot ones have nothing to do with sesame oil, but they are delicious..... There are all 3 yuan and 5 yuan to eat, the most expensive is a bundle of watermelon juice 8 yuan, delicious! It's just a small amount. I need two kinds of noodles at a time..... Ha ha ha, is it too good to eat?  

33. The egg tower in the tea restaurant in Jingguang Center is also delicious. Anyway, I never tire of eating...)  

34. Zilong Hotel (now called Yuxin Sichuan Cuisine), where the Zhangcha Duck is the best I have ever eaten. The specific location should be the Zilong Hotel in the alley opposite the TCM Hospital in Kuan Street!  

35. There is a decent Hui restaurant near Xinjiekou (I heard it, but I haven't had time to confirm it). During the trial operation, all the sheep scorpions are free, and the container is larger than the basin. It is said that there is not even a drop of soup left. If you are interested in signing up, let * Wei invite us to eat - I'm so generous, and try to find cheap and affordable!

36. At the opening of Xinjiekou, the old Guifeng Rice Noodle Store is a time-honored brand. It's said that it's delicious.....  

37. I also know a place where donkey meat is very delicious. I can't tell where it is in Dahongmen. Anyway, I can find it.

38. In Waiguan Xiejie Street, Huacheng Restaurant's boiled fish is excellent. It's not spicy! Fragrance, 18 yuan per kilogram! Grand launch: Cangpofu Restaurant, the earliest restaurant under Huanghua City, has no chef in it. However, the flavor of the mountain village is very delicious, almost all of them are delicious, and the store is extremely clean. Here are some dishes that I must order when I go there: cold dishes: water mustard (only grows in the clear spring or clean water, authentic wild vegetables, a little mustard flavor, clear mouth) donkey tendons (made by the boss himself, clean, delicious) hot dishes: fried meat with pine mushrooms (ingredients: mushrooms under the pine tree and fresh pork, think about the taste) and boiled small fish with firewood eggs (that's called a incense) (Little fish in Huanghuacheng Reservoir) What are you waiting for when you order another home-made cake!  

39. There is a Guizhou restaurant called "Bamboo Shoots" at the southwest corner of Zhaogongkou intersection on Ping'an Avenue. It has a unique flavor. When you enter the door, you can learn melon seeds first. It is the most home-made melon seeds, which are picked out from sunflowers and then fried in a hot pot. At first, I was too lazy to teach, but later I couldn't stop talking; Of course, the dishes are also good. Steamed bacon with tiles, sausages (half for each), bamboo shoots, especially chicken soup with dried bamboo shoots, are not bad. Comrades who love spicy food should try it. The price is reasonable.  

40. There is a Gannan Hotel on the east side of the Hadmen Hotel in Chongwenmen (a little farther past the 108 station). It is a relatively small restaurant, but the Gannan food in it is unique and very cheap. Four or five people can have some small fried fish, sauerkraut tripe, three cups of chicken, fried rice noodles and other dishes (small), which add up to no more than 60.00 yuan. It's delicious. There is an old Beijing in front of it, just along the street, which is very easy to find. You can try it.  

41. "Kong has already" on the south bank of Houhai, Jiangnan flavor, bulk yellow rice wine, warm with a tin pot, cool! The dishes are also very authentic!  

42. There is also Qijiahuozi 55 Bus Terminal. When you get off the bus, you will see a door about the size of your house. It is very authentic Xi'an flavor, especially Youpo Noodles. The whole family can't eat more than 20 yuan. However, it depends on everyone's taste. If you want to eat Xi'an pasta, you will find nowhere to go.  

43. At the north end of Cuiwei Building, there is a pancake shop on the east side of the road. It has a wide variety of pancakes. It is different from the pancake truck on the street. It often queues up! There is a small restaurant near the Sanqianli Barbecue in Hepingmen. It sells a kind of "burning noodles", which is a Yibin specialty. It is said that it is extremely fragrant, but the specific location is unknown.  

44. Chaoyang Gate, facing south, outside the Second Ring Road, Fuhua Building, east side, 20 meters east of the Hutong (east-west direction). On the north side of the Hutong, there is a small door face, red, whose name is forgotten, specially made for fat intestines, all kinds of flavors, very good!!!!!

45. At the intersection of Ganjiakou, the east-west direction is about 50 meters to the west, north of the road (the north gate of Diaoyutai leans to the west), and the name has never been remembered. Beef noodles, cold noodles (available in summer), various dishes, and small bowls of beef are all excellent!!!!! I have been eating there since I was in the first year of senior high school. It has been 10 years now, and it is full of repeat customers.

46. As you mentioned, there is also one near Xisi, opposite to Xisi Kentucky Fried Chicken, with a small front door.

47. In the West Fourth Ring Road, the Dinghui Temple Bridge goes north, and the first crossing goes east, about 400 meters, north of the road. I can't remember the name again. The spring cakes there are great!!!!

48. Turn left 50 meters from the entrance of Ganjiakou, there is a barbecue restaurant called Shuanglong, which will be unforgettable after eating

49. On the road west of the North Palace Gate of the Summer Palace (leading to the Qinglong Bridge), there is a "Ma Ji Baked Cake Shop". The baked cakes there are three pieces of meat. They taste great!!!! There is also miscellaneous soup. If you don't eat the miscellaneous soup, the soup is free. Feel free to drink.

50. I have eaten there since I was a child, and I don't even read the barbecue and meat in other places~~Now many old men and women who go to the Fragrant Hills Summer Palace for a walk in the morning love there~~This shop has been on the Beijing Evening News. If you have a chance, please go to TRY~~~~~~

51. In Jimen Community, there is a place called "Independent". There is a kind of chicken leg rice, whole chicken leg, rape, tomato and a fried egg. It's so urgent!!!! 11 

52. SOGO is diagonally opposite "Niuniu Dumpling Restaurant". I never eat dumplings, but there

53. At Xinjiekou, Aitumei lives in the north and west of the road. There is a snack bar in Chongqing (or Chengdu), which is very delicious. Every time I walk there, I always go to eat.....

54. There is a small dew burning shop in the northeast corner of the Drum Tower,

55. Xuanwumen, one kilometer south of SOGO, there is a small beef noodle shop on the west side of the road

56. Walk 100 meters from the east entrance of Dongsi 7 to the alley. "Zhujia Cuisine" tastes good, very home-made, delicious and cheap! It is suitable to go when you are hungry!

57. There is a "Weizheng Garden" Korean barbecue just north of the road opposite the north gate of the Workers' Gymnasium. The smokeless carbon barbecue is extremely delicious and cheap. (Two people can eat 2-3 kinds of barbecue at about 50 yuan!)

58. Opposite Carrefour in Fangzhuang, there is a fresh record of Guangzhou seafood, which is very authentic Guangzhou food. There are 28 Dalian abalones, 3 yuan scallops, and 38 kg shrimps. At first, I thought it might be very expensive there, but the two of them were nearly dead at 150 yuan.  

59. The glutinous rice lotus root of Dajue Temple is unique in Beijing..... This is really expensive! After eating his food, people from other places feel that they can't eat it at all.....

60. Everyone in the world has been learning for years. I don't know that I have learned the Wanqiu common law for years. I only eat porridge to become the number one immortal. No matter how sweet or salty porridge is, it's delicious! Several stores..... There are lane ditches, exhibition roads, Huayuan East Road, Anhua Xili District and other places..... I went to its Shenzhou Restaurant, No. 93, West Third Ring North Road.......  

61. There are more than 10 kinds of hot dishes in the rental home at the northeast corner of Shizi Road near the Xiyuan Hotel (the stir fried food is absolutely authentic, a little nostalgic, and the handicraft of the restaurant in the mid-1980s is great! Large quantity). In addition, cold dishes, staple food, and soup self-service are only 8 yuan per person.

62. Grand launch: the first personal restaurant in Beijing, absolutely authentic Beijing home cooking. Just in a deep alley, the tip is: (Dongcheng, the name of the alley - Cuihua) Special dishes: Wusi barrels, garlic flavored elbows, casserole balls, braised cabbage, braised flat fish, and shredded pork in Beijing sauce! It was not easy for me to find this! Enjoy it!  

63. There is a restaurant named Qingbin out of the southwest exit of the Gulou subway. The instant boiled meat tastes first-rate. It has to go early and late. No one can afford it

64. The favorite poached fish in Beijing is: Red Beijing Fish in Xiba River

65. There is a cheese shop called Wenyu in Nanluo Drum Lane. It specializes in selling cheese, double skin milk, almond bean curd, etc. Super likes.  

66. Dongsi North Street~There is a small steamed bun with soup in Kaifeng called the first floor in the world. It's delicious~There is also a Xi'an snack called Qinzhuang. All kinds of pasta are delicious. You can also try to eat the oil spilled noodles~

67. There is a Xinjiang restaurant in Yuanbao Hutong across Houhai. The contents are very good. Those who like meat go there to eat more than they can afford. It's better to buy small portions, not the whole piece.

68. To the north of Longfu Temple, there is a very delicious Xinjiang style restaurant in Beijing's Qianliang Hutong. It doesn't look very good, but all kinds of food in it are of every taste, especially roast crispy bones and noodles. Mutton soup is also very delicious~

69. Xidan Wings Cool~I believe many Beijingers have heard of that abnormal spicy roasted chicken wings~it's really abnormal! Location~Of course, it's in Xidan~a small alley on the east side of Mingzhu Mall~big red lanterns hanging high at the door!!!

70. Cat's Eye Pizza~the delicious index can be compared with Pizza Hut~and the price is cheap~it is a good place for students to choose~and the interior design is very interesting~there are various graffiti everywhere on the table and wall~and big head stickers~it is worth visiting!