The difference between being a daughter and being a daughter-in-law

informal essay five thousand and sixty-one 13 years ago (2011-03-15)

Dialogue between two mother-in-law~
A mother-in-law said to her neighbor, "My daughter-in-law likes to eat and lazy. She sleeps until noon without doing any housework. My son has to take things to her room to eat. It's too much."
Then the neighbor asked her, "Is your daughter married well?"?
The mother-in-law said, "Yes, I am very happy. Everyone treats her very well, and doesn't have to do housework. I can play everywhere on holidays, and sleep until noon. My son-in-law will also cook things and send them to my daughter's room to eat!"!

1、 If you touch your mother's mouth, she will forget it; Keep your mother-in-law's mouth in mind all your life.
2、 Mother cut fruit for you to eat, let nature take its course; You cut fruit for your mother-in-law, of course.
3、 It's natural for mother to cook three meals for you when you are hungry; Mother in law cooks three meals for you. It's very unfilial. After dinner, mother washed the dishes, naturally; After dinner, my mother-in-law washed the dishes, which was very unfilial;
4、 Mother cooks food for her daughter and husband, which is natural; Mother in law cooks food for her son's daughter-in-law. It's a big injustice.
5、 I forgot to ask my mother to have dinner at mealtime. It's OK; It's rude to forget to ask your mother-in-law to have dinner;
6、 Mom is busy, you didn't help, nothing; My mother-in-law is busy. It's unfilial that you didn't help;
7、 At Mom's house, you don't have to rush home when you go out to do business. You will wait for you to eat; At my husband's house, I go out to do business and hurry home to cook.    
8、 Mother lectured, going in one ear and out the other; My mother-in-law scolded me, and I didn't think so, but I also had to answer yes... yes!
9、 No one said you were unfilial because you didn't take your mother with you when traveling; But I didn't bring my mother-in-law with me, but someone said you were unfilial!
10、 You can say your husband is wrong in front of your mother, but don't complain about your husband's mistake in front of your mother-in-law.
11、 In front of my mother, I am lazy and comfortable; In front of her mother-in-law, this lazy word cannot be said, let alone put into action.
12、 At home, there are good food and drinks, and my mother would not like to eat them for you; But in her husband's family, you should leave it to others to eat. (The order is: husband, mother, husband, child, it's your turn when there is left)!
13、 Your sadness, your joy, mother cares, but how can mother-in-law care.
14、 Dancing in front of my mother is coquetry; Dancing in front of her mother-in-law is a great injustice. A daughter is always a daughter, but a daughter-in-law must be a daughter-in-law.
15、 Mother raised you with all her hardships, but she could not help you; Once you arrive at your mother-in-law's house, you have to take her place and raise a son to serve her. If anything is wrong, you will become the target of public criticism.
16、 The mother never cared that her daughter's husband did not help her cook and wash dishes. Her mother-in-law finally monitored her son's daughter-in-law whether she did.
17、 Mothers only know that it is difficult to be a daughter-in-law, and even more difficult to be a daughter-in-law's daughter; But mothers who have become mother-in-law have never thought that it is also difficult for women to be daughter-in-law in their own homes.
Please think about the difficulty of being a daughter-in-law when you are picky about your daughter-in-law. It is even more difficult for your daughter to be a daughter-in-law; As a husband, please think about the difficulties of your mother when she was your grandmother's daughter-in-law, and how difficult it would be if she had a daughter to be a daughter-in-law for someone else's family.

PS: Mom said that to marry is not just to marry your husband, but to marry into another family, so what we need is not a man we can rely on, but a family that can accommodate you