Temptation and loneliness

informal essay ten thousand three hundred and fifteen 13 years ago (2011-05-13)

The woman went on a trip, leaving the man at home alone.

When the woman is not at home, the man is drinking beer and constantly changing the electricity video Avenue.

At this time, the girl called, and she said, "I'm free. Come to your house and sit down!"

The man said, "This... no, I'm going out."

The girl is actually downstairs of the man. The girl is a subordinate of the man. The girl has expressed a good opinion of him many times, and the man has tactfully refused. The girl stood at the man's door with a lot of things in her hand and a bottle of red wine.

The man said, "Let me cook!" The girl said, "No," and she got busy in the kitchen.

In another room, he began to call his familiar friends to have dinner at home, but none of them were there.

After a while, the girl was calling him. He went to the kitchen and was stunned. The girl presented him with a plate of hot dumplings. He loved dumplings most. But usually, he and women were too busy to make dumplings. Two plates of dumplings, several dishes, and a bottle of red wine stirred his heart with a soft smile on the girl's face.

I don't know why. When the girl didn't pay attention, he turned off his mobile phone and closed the curtains on the balcony. He could hear his heart beating.

After drinking a bottle of red wine, the girl said she was dizzy and poured it into the man's arms.

The man admitted that the girl was beautiful, and he held her tightly in his arms. At that moment, he felt that the girl's body was so weak. His heart quivered.

The girl fell asleep in his bed, and he gently closed the door. At this time, the phone in the living room rang. It was a woman and a child.

The man still drank beer and kept changing the channel. He clearly heard the girl's slight breathing, but he tried to calm his heart.

When the girl woke up, it was the next morning. The man stayed up all night. The man prepared breakfast for the girl.

At dinner, the girl asked, "Don't you like me?"

The man said, "Yes."

"Aren't you lonely?" the girl asked.

"A little!"

"But... afraid I will pester you?" The girl asked disappointedly with a flat mouth.

The man said seriously:“ life It is a kind of responsibility, just like this bowl of porridge and fried eggs. Although you always feel that there is no taste, you still have to cook and eat every day. Sometimes you even feel that it tastes bad, but you don't feel empty. "

The girl was silent.

After seeing the girl off, the man felt more relaxed than ever.

Love is a kind of honesty and needs to pay a price. If you don't love or can't bear it, don't open your heart easily.

Temptation and loneliness are not reasons for derailment.