Little magic can guess any mobile phone number

informal essay twenty-five thousand and twenty-eight 13 years ago (2011-02-17)

When we want the phone number of the other party, we are worried that the other party will not tell you. In this case, we have to use it Magic To calculate the charm.

How to play? First, prepare a calculator. It doesn't matter if you don't have one. It is available on both mobile phones and computers.

Then ask the other person's phone number is 13, if it does not start with 13, the other person will naturally say the first three digits of the number;

If you know the first three, how do you know what the last eight are?

Simply ask the other person to multiply the first four digits of the last eight mobile phone numbers by 80, add 1 to the calculation result, multiply by 250, add the last four digits, and then add the last four digits again.

Let the other party tell you the result when you get here, so you can know the phone number of the other party.

Well, the next moment is to witness the miracle!

Subtract 250 from the number told to you and divide it by 2 to get the last eight digits of your phone number.

This magic trick can be used in various occasions. The next thing to do is to save the number on the mobile phone, send a message or call the other party, and tell Ta to contact frequently in the future, which will get good results.